College Football Player Wears Democratic Socialist Pin During White House Visit

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The North Dakota State Bisons continued their dominate football season, again winning another Division 2 college football championship. After the powerhouse program claimed victory, the team was traditionally invited to the White House for a special celebration and tour.

One member of the NDSU football team, decided he would detract from his team accomplishments, and make the moment about himself. Jack Albrecht, an offensive guard on the NDSU football team, wore a pin representing the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).
 Albrecht didn’t stop there, during his tour he collected and posted multiple pictures on social media, making his DSA pin an obvious focal point.
The offensive guard posted numerous pictures in all different locations throughout the team's White House tour. The pin specifically displays a red rose, above that, is a white hand and a black hand intersecting. (DSA Symbol)
Jack Albrecht later joined in with his fellow teammates and snapped a selfie with our commander and chief, President Donald Trump. Although the Bison guard is in the picture with the president and some teammates, you get the vibe that he is not happy to be in President Trump's presence.
When looking at the selfie with Trump, you get the overwhelming feeling that Albrecht wasn’t taking that picture for himself, his family or football team. The immediate feeling is that he is using this picture to represent and make a statement for the Democratic Socialist party.
According to reports from The Hill: Jack Albrecht is a joining member of the Red River Valley chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Recent Facebook posts from the group have already celebrated and featured Albrecht’s posts from the White House.

Jack Albrecht previously posted about his support for the Democratic Socialist movement in America. Saying; “Democratic socialism is for every worker on earth, You, me and 6-5, 275lb champion offensive linemen invited to the White House.”
"Currently there is roughly 60,000 card-carrying DSA members spread across the country in more than 300 local groups."

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