Congressional Conservatives Should Settle Net Neutrality for Good

The Director of Government Affairs at the American Conservative Union, Michi Iljazi, recently made the case for why conservatives must pursue net neutrality legislation as soon as possible. Liberals, in an effort to give the government more control over the internet, are already pushing for a return to Obama-era regulations. Not only are democrats trying to use a tool called the Congressional Review Act to overturn the FCC’s restoration of internet freedom, but they are also campaigning on restoring these regulations. Iljazi warns that Democrat control of Congress and the White House would almost undoubtedly result in a return to these regulations.

By Michi Iljazi – American Conservative Union

On June 11, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s landmark Restoring Internet Freedom order officially took effect, ending a failed three-year experiment in investment-killing federal micromanagement of the broadband market.

And believe it or not, the world is still standing.

Despite months of apocalyptic predictions from the Left, the FCC’s policy change didn’t break the Internet. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., had famously warned back in February that Yankees fans trying to stream a game on their phones might only be shown every other pitch if Obama-era broadband utility rules were repealed; as a Tampa Bay Rays fan I haven’t personally tested his theory, but the lack of wide scale rioting across the Tri-State Area would seem to suggest Schumer missed the mark on that one.

Conservatives (and really, anyone who hopes the Internet continues to grow faster, more competitive, and more innovative) can be excused for celebrating this return to the bipartisan, light-touch consensus that had guided broadband policy for its first two decades. And sure, we might even experience a bit of schadenfreude in the months ahead as liberal doomsayers find themselves eating crow as their nonsensical predictions prove false.

But this is not the time to gloat. This is not the time for a victory lap. In truth, this conservative victory hangs by a very tenuous thread, and we could very well see defeat snatched from the jaws of victory if Congress doesn’t take this opportunity to pass permanent, pro-consumer, pro-investment legislation before the end of this year… To continue reading this article at the Washington Examiner, please click here.

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