CPB Awards Contracts to Build 65 Miles of New Border Wall

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The United States Government recently awarded three contracts to two separate construction companies to construct 65 miles of new physical barriers along the Texas-Mexico border. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) along with the Army Corps of Engineers specifically granted the three contracts with plans to build walls along the Rio Grande Valley regions. 
The new stretch of border wall will consist of tough physical barriers, featuring 18-30-foot-high “steel bollard” wall. The border will also implement advanced security technology, including upgraded security cameras and new monitoring systems. The new border features will be 100% American made, constructed in Hidalgo, Starr, and Cameron Counties in Texas. Via the Daily Caller.

Plans for the extensive border construction is scheduled to launch sometime in early 2020, CBP is carefully plotting exact locations for optimum security. According multiple reports, the new stretch of border wall will be implemented in areas where no current barrier security exists.

The three border construction contracts were released to the two separate construction companies on Sunday. Between the three border contracts, its estimated sum value totals over $812,000,000. 
Customs and Border Protection is confident about the placement of new barriers, claiming the area of implantation will completely shut down illegal immigrant hotspots known for constant crossing and drug smuggling. 

“RGV is the busiest Sector in the nation and accounts for approximately 40% of the illegal alien apprehensions and, for the FY to date, ranks first in seized cocaine and marijuana along the southwest border. The majority of its activity is occurring in areas where RGV has limited infrastructure, access and mobility, and technology,” CBP said in a statement.

This round of border contracts counts as a massive win for President Trump and his administration, continuing their plans to build as much border security as possible before the upcoming 2020 presidential election. The construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall was one of President Trump’s selling points during his 2016 election, proming to crack down on immigration and focus on American citizens. Although President Trump continues to keep his promises, congressional Democrats and liberal media have strictly opposed Trump’s plans. Via the Daily Caller.
“CBP continues to implement President Trump’s Executive Order 13767 — also known as Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements — taking steps to expeditiously plan, design, and construct a physical wall using appropriate materials and technology to most effectively achieve operational control of the southern border,” CPB continued.

Democrats continue to fight President Trump with our Southern border crisis, for the second time, and with the help of Republican lawmakers, vetoed Trump’s plans to safely and effectively secure our Southern borders. President Trump’s proposed emergency declaration allows him the power to reallocate military funding for future construction projects.

Although President Trump and his administration was able to produce contracts for 65 miles of new border wall, these features have replaced vehicle barriers with pedestrian barriers in the area. With vehicular barriers only standing waist high, this creates massive holes in security for the CBP. The consistent construction of higher pedestrian barriers will continue to be needed in areas where no barrier walls are present at all. Via the Daily Caller.

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