Democratic Candidates Want Abortion Drug Sold Over The Counter

Not satisfied with forcing all taxpayers to fund abortions in abortion facilities, leading Democratic presidential candidates are working to increase the number of abortions by allowing over the counter sales of RU-486 drugs as well as expanding online sales. A study into the safety of abortion pill reversal was prematurely ended after women started bleeding from the first RU-486 abortion drug (the media then tried to say it was abortion pill reversal not the drug, that caused them to go to the ER). recently asked Presidential candidates where they stood on the issue of abortion drugs being sold online and over the counter. Joe Biden did not answer, but many of the other candidates did.

In explaining his support, Pete Buttigieg stated, “We must first work on decriminalization efforts. Second, there are currently several regulatory constraints limiting mifepristone’s distribution and prescription. To overcome these, we will have to work closely with regulatory bodies such as the FDA to lift these restrictions.”

Elizabeth Warren said, “Restrictions on medication abortion are medically unnecessary and exist for only one purpose: to functionally eliminate the ability of women to access abortion services. As President, I will direct the FDA to lift restrictions on misoprostol and mifepristone so that they can be made available over the counter.”

Bernie Sanders did not say where he stands on the issue, nor did Amy Klobuchar. The survey did not survey all candidates.

However, we can assume that all the candidates would at least be open to it, as they are on record supporting very few limits on abortion. In fact, it is possible the 2020 Democratic platform will come out in favor of infanticide, based off recent legislation by pro-abortion states like Illinois and New York to legalize abortion up until the moment of birth. Similarly, the Democratic governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, said parents have a right to kill their baby if it’s born during a botched abortion.

The New York Times also conducted a comprehensive survey on the issue of abortion, several weeks ago. Their survey found:

- “Nine candidates want to require private insurers to cover abortion, though Mr. Biden’s campaign again declined to answer, Ms. Klobuchar said she was unsure and Mr. Sestak said no.And seven said the drugs misoprostol and mifepristone, which induce abortions, should be available over the counter.”

- “Only Tulsi Gabbard, Joe Sestak and Marianne Williamson now say abortion should be ‘safe, legal and rare’ — a phrase, popularized by President Bill Clinton and repeated by Hillary Clinton, that reflected a search for common ground with people not fully supportive of abortion rights.”

You can read the full survey responses here.  The New York Times allows you to create a free account, so you can read the responses by creating your own login.

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