Elizabeth Warren Supports Radical Abortion

St. Paul, MN – Elizabeth Warren, one of the frontrunners for the Democratic Party as a 2020 presidential candidate, has not shied away from sharing her position on abortion and “reproductive rights.” She, along with all the Democrat candidates, has stated that more laws are needed to make sure that abortion “rights” are kept even when Roe v. Wade falls. She is outspoken in her support of the continuation of abortion, under the guise of “reproductive rights” and is “committed to protecting a woman’s right to choose.”

The newest twist to Warren’s position is her claim that she was fired from a teaching position for being pregnant and showing.  One would think that would make her a champion for women who choose life for their child, who are pregnant and struggling. Yet she remains fixated on laws protecting the so-called right of the mother to kill her unborn child. Perhaps Warren is not the best voice for women and their rights as she claims to be.

A fact check of Senator Warren’s story led to some interesting details. When a reporter read through the minutes from the school board during the meeting where Warren was supposedly fired, it read that her “resignation was ‘accepted with regret.’” She was not fired due to pregnancy as she had claimed.

The lying is unfortunate and more importantly is an exploitation of young women who really do need help when pregnant; falsified stories could discredit real issues and struggles facing young mothers today. Title IX protects young women from experiencing discrimination both at school and in the workplace due to pregnancy. The provisions make certain that they do not lose privileges like scholarships or job positions because they got pregnant.

If someone retaliates against a woman because she is pregnant, they are breaking the law. Despite the lack of truthfulness to her story, Warren does bring a good issue to light. Title IX rights are crucial to success for young women across the nation; being pregnant does not mean that students lose their rights!

**This article was repulished from studentsforlife.org by Hayley Tschetter**

**Image source: Flickr.com. Uploaded by Gage Skidmore**

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