ESPN Ends the Year with 2 Million Subscribers Lost

  • Source: The Lead
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A report recently released by Disney reveals that the sports network ESPN, lost two million domestic subscribers this past year. The number of subscribers lost for the longtime sports network has now hit new records. ESPN currently sits at 86 million subscribers, according to Disney’s report released last week.

The number of ESPN subscribers is down from 2017, previously registering with 88 million subscribers. Disney’s report downplays the company’s current losses, while trying to hide the massive problem the company could potentially face in the long run.

More and more people every single day are making the decision to walk away from traditional cable, as consumers are now turning to online streaming services instead. This is bad news for ESPN.

These non-traditional streaming services create all types of havoc for the sports network, with traditional TV/Cable subscriptions accounting for more than 60 percent of the company’s entire fiscal revenue.

ESPN, in return, is also responsible for nearly 30 percent of Disney’s overall monetary value, creating a potential domino effect of losses because consumers are deciding to rely on these on-demand streaming services.

According to a report from Forbes magazine, ESPN has lost approximately 12 million traditional subscribers since 2013, dropping the sports network giant from 98 to 86 million subscribers in a five year span. Although Disney reported on their losses, they also claim to have gained some footing with the launch of their own ESPN streaming services.

It is estimated that the network has 1 million subscribers registered with ESPN+, while their traditional network numbers continue to remain in a steady decline.

Some may argue that ESPN’s reasons for declining subscribers doesn’t just have to do with the rise of streaming services. Many people around the country feel ESPN, especially over the last couple of years, has focused too much time and effort on their politics instead of focusing on sports.

Fox Sports host, Clay Travis, is a firm believer that ESPN’s problem with subscriber loss isn’t all about the advancement of technology. Rather, the root of their problems lie with the sports networks uncontrollable knack for constantly injecting one-sided politics into their programming.

“ESPN decided to become a social justice warrior network, treating all liberal opinion makers as those worthy of promotion and casting aside all those who had the gall to challenge the new Disney world order … I’m not saying that ESPN should just stick to sports, but I am saying that if you decide to allow political opinions to flourish from your network’s stars that you shouldn’t neuter all conservative opinion and allow liberal political opinion to advance unchecked. … Those with liberal opinions are rewarded and allowed to speak freely, those with conservative opinions are told to keep their mouths shut.” said Clay Travis during a FoxSports radio show.

The trials of Curt Schilling, and his time at ESPN resonates as the perfect example of the suppression of conservative thoughts and the hasty promotion of tainted, one-sided politics.

The Boston Red Sox legend was a fan favorite MLB announcer and commentator, until he was repeatedly punished for “insensitive” and “non-PC” remarks. Schilling was eventually fired from his position at ESPN for conservative thoughts about gender identification, as they related to bathroom and locker room rules in America.

Over and over again, ESPN has proved they are owned by the liberal left, leaning to one side of the political spectrum, while demeaning others with different viewpoints. ESPN claims to be tolerant and welcoming of all views and thoughts, but all the evidence points to nothing but the contrary.

Keep politics about politics. And please just keep our sports about sports!!!