Feds Arrest Michael Avenatti During California Bar Association Hearing

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Celebrity attorney and well documented Trump villain, Michael Avenatti, was arrested by IRS agents in California on Tuesday. Avenatti was detained while attending the California State bar disciplinary hearing, allegedly violating terms of his pre-trial release. 
Allegations against Avenatti surfaced with reports indicating the high-profile lawyer swindled a client out of $840,000.

According to reports from the National Review, the celebrity attorney was arrested around 6 p.m. outside the State Bar Court, where the State Bar of California has already filed documented proceedings against him. IRS agents stormed the Los Angeles court building and executed their arrest on Avenatti during a break on the initial hearings.
“I can confirm that he was arrested by federal agents,” Dean Steward, Avenatti’s lawyer, said in a statement. “I anticipate a bail hearing at 2 p.m. tomorrow in Magistrate’s Court in Santa Ana. I haven’t seen the details of the warrant but should have it later this evening. “

According to police, Michael Avenatti was deemed as a “threat of substantial harm to the public,” initiating authorities to step in. 

Avenatti is already facing some previous charges; these charges are extremely severe, including extortion and fraud within New York and Los Angeles. The attorney was caught red handed after trying to extort over $20 million from the sports apparel giant Nike. 
Avenatti’s petty and corrupt past is well documented, the attorney was previously accused of embezzling millions of dollars from his own clients, specifically hiding a “million-dollar settlement” from a mentally ill paraplegic American citizen. Avenatti also stole the identity of former high-profile client Stormy Daniels, in a scheme to receive $300,000 from a distinct "book advance."

After Avenatti’s most recent arrest, he claimed to be “Completely innocent,” before authorities escorted him out of the California courthouse.

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