Fighter Shouts Out Justice Kavanaugh After Victory

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We never know what a post-fight interview will give us in the world of professional boxing and UFC. In the past, we have seen examples of fighters taking all different avenues to their interview, including talking smack, thanking god, thanking their family, thanking their trainers, and yes, even getting political.

UFC fighter, Nik Lentz took a slightly different approach to his post-fight interview following his victory over Gray Maynard at UFC 229.

Lentz, after his win, grabbed the microphone and gave a special shout-out to none other than the newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his post-fight interview. While speaking to UFC’s Joe Rogan after the decision, Lentz immediately grabbed the mic and gave thanks to Kavanaugh, even granting him a new nickname, "Special K!"

“First and foremost, I want to give a shout out to my homie Brett Kavanaugh. Way to go, Special K!!!”said UFC Fighter Nik Lentz after the win.

In the video footage, after Lentz gives his special shout-out to the new Supreme Court Justice, about half the crowd erupts with applause in support of Kavanaugh. While the other half of T-Mobile Arena showered the fighter’s supportive shout-out with "boos" and hate.

Nik Lentz can be seen laughing off the mixed emotions from the crowd, and went on to answer all of the formal post-fight questions provided by UFC announcer Joe Rogan.

This is not the first time we have seen support for republican officials in the UFC. President Trump and UFC CEO, Dana White, have a longstanding friendly personal and business relationship. Just a couple months ago, Dana White, along with UFC champ Colby Covington, visited President Trump following his belt win.

Covington wanted to visit the White House to combat all the NFL and NBA athletes being vocally disrespectful regarding their chances to visit the White House. Covington cherished his visit and even snapped a picture with the President Trump holding his UFC championship belt.

Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as an associate justice to the nation’s highest court after an extremely hard, unfair, corrupt, and ridiculous confirmation battle. Kavanaugh was unfairly accused of sexual assault by three different women, all with no substantial evidence whatsoever.

These false accusations displayed by the women, while being fueled by the corrupt left, not only nearly destroyed Brett Kavanaugh’s career and nomination, but almost his family’s life. Brett refused to let these corrupt political operatives destroy him, remaining tough, persistent and humble throughout.

The accusations eventually led to a second hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and a weeklong FBI probe. The Senate eventually voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh by a final vote of 50-48.