Former PJS Employees Refute SEIU Claims

Originally Published by Empower Texans

by Charles Blain

As Professional Janitorial Service’s trial against the Service Employee International Union – one of the nation’s largest labor unions – progresses, former employees have been taking the stand to refute the union’s claims about work conditions.

In one of SEIU’s Unfair Labor Practice lawsuits against the Houston-based janitorial company, they claimed that PJS was making minors clean office buildings past midnight and on school nights.

To clear up the confusion, PJS’ counsel brought in the now roughly 27-year-old, Gustavo Castro, to address the union’s claims. Castro’s testimony was one of the first opportunities to see just how far the SEIU went to disparage the company.

Castro testified that he started working for PJS as an after school job helping his father in 2005 when he was 15. Although he only stayed on board with the company for a few months, he recalled his time there saying he had no negative experiences.

As far as being forced to work past midnight and off of the clock, Castro stated that he worked no later than about 9:30 each night and the company never made him work for free.

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