Former Pro Athletes Won Big During the Midterm Election

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During the recent midterm elections, we have learned multiple former athletes ran for positions of power as both Republicans and Democrats.

Between the Republicans and Democrats, seven ex-athletes will now hold a new position of power in the world of politics.

The seven candidates emerging with high hopes of success after Tuesdays voting include:

Anthony Gonzalez, former NFL wide reciever; Sharice Davids, former UFC fighter; Collin Allred, former NFL linebacker; Jim Jordan, former college wrestling champ; Jesse White, former MLB player; Aaron Rouse, former NFL Safety; and Adam Greenberg, former MLB outfielder.
  • Anthony Gonzalez (R)
    • Gonzalez is a former NFL Wide Receiver and Ohio State Buckeye legend, running as the Republican candidate for Ohio's 16th congressional district. The 34 year old defeated Susan Moran Palmer to become the official U.S. Representative for Ohio's 16th congressional district. Anthony played college football for Ohio State and was eventually drafted in the first round of the 2007 NFL draft by the Indianapolis Colts. Anthony Gonazalez played five seasons for the Colts, hauling in 99 receptions for 1,307 yards and seven touchdowns.
  • Sharice Davids (D)
    • Davids is a former Mixed Martial Arts fighter who was featured on the hit tv show, UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter. Sharice is 38 years old and was the representative of choice for the Democrats in the Kansas 3rd congressional district. Sharice Davids ended up unseating incumbent Kevin Yoder, officially taking Kansas’s 3rd congressional district seat.
  • Jim Jordan (R)
    • Jordan is a former Division 1 Wrestling Champion for Wisconsin along with being an assistant coach for Ohio State. Jim Jordan is 54 years old and ran as the Republican candidate for the  seat in Ohio's 4th congressional district. Jordan is the projected winner of the seat, taking down Democrat candidate Janet Garrett. During Jim’s time at Wisconsin, he was a two time NCAA Division I wrestling champion. He was also a three-time All-American and remains the Badgers' all-time wins leader.
  • Collin Allred (D)
    • Allred is a former NFL linebacker who played for the Tennessee Titans. The young 35 year old ran as the Democratic candidate for the seat of the 32nd congressional district of Texas. The former NFL defenseman is projected to unseat the 11 term congressman, Pete Sessions. Collin Allred played four seasons with the Tennessee Titans, 2007-10. Allred also served as an attorney in the Obama administration and was endorsed by the former president. 
  • Jesse White (D)
    • White is a former MLB player for the Chicago Cubs farm league team from 1959-66. Jesse is among one of the few professional athletes who have had a successful career in the world of politics. The 84-year-old Democrat has now won a seventh consecutive term as Secretary of State of Illinois. He has held that position since 1999 — the longest-serving and first African American to hold the position.
  • Aaron Rouse (NP)
    • Rouse is a former NFL safety for the Green Bay Packers. The 34 year old ran as a Non Partisan candidate for Virginia Beach’s City Council. Rouse ended up winning an at-large seat for City Council. Aaron Rouse was drafted in the third round by the Green Bay Packers in 2007. He played for three seasons.
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