Fox Sports 1’s Jason Whitlock Takes on Black Activist Athletes

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During last week’s Black Leadership Summit in Washington D.C., Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports 1 was in attendance, providing the crowd with some sincere and significant advice for black activist athletes. Whitlock warned the crowd about how prominent professional athletes in America should stay away from politics and associated topics.

“These athletes today, who are trying to be Muhammad Ali for the most part, to me, are making fools of themselves,” he added. “Ali was not worth $500 million like LeBron James. He was not attached to a $100 million corporation like Nike.”

During the four day conference hosted by the young conservative group, Turning Point USA, Whitlock delivered some personal tips along with some insight intended to help the 250 MAGA-hatted young Republicans in attendance.

Specifically, he gave extremely important advice for young black people who have the hopes of becoming leaders in their chosen profession.

“You want to be leaders, and you’re black, and I’m here to tell you how to do it,” the Fox analyst said. “Disconnect from this social media garbage; disconnect from these celebrity athletes who don’t really care nothing about you.”

“Take your money, pool your resources and support people who actually represent your views and have the time to be full-time involved,” Whitlock advised.

“They’re controlling our thought and policing our thought through these companies out of Silicon Valley that are imposing their values on us,” Whitlock exclaimed.

Jason Whitlock’s statements over the weekend have stayed consistent with his usual thought process on the meshing of sports and politics…truly believing they have absolutely no room together.

Whitlock, during his time working with FS1, regularly criticized the force fed, political agenda atmosphere that has been created in the sports culture. Constantly condemning the fact that “activist athletes” like Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James and Eric Reed use political platforms to grow their own likeness, brand and personal agendas.

Although Whitlock is extremely cautious of the dangers of social media, he isn’t totally against it either.

Whitlock praised the idea of “free thought” tweeted by Candace Owens, along with the rapper Kanye West, although he wants to “distance himself from politics,” as of recent.

Even though Jason Whitlock was invited to the Young Black Leadership Summit, which was intended for Republicans, he ended his speech with announcing to the crowd that he personally isn’t a political person at all.

“I hate to disappoint you. But I’m not a political partisan. I don’t vote.”