Fugees Rapper Charged in Obama Super PAC Fraud Scheme

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Federal prosecutors plan to charge former Fugees rap star, Pras Michel, with campaign finance violations connected to Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential re-elect campaign. The violations Michel will be charged with pertain to specific donation deposits made to the re-elect Obama super PAC.

According to the Bloomberg, the Justice Department has collected strong evidence against Pras Michel, connecting him to funneled money within the Obama re-elect PAC. Michel specificically deposited the cash without “disclosing the foreign origins of the money.”
Authorities believe the scheme is tied to Jho Low, a Malaysian businessman who is accused of masterminding “a massive diversion of cash from 1MDB wealth fund.”
Jho Low is currently on the run, and his whereabouts are unknown. Low continues to dodge United States and Malaysian authorities, with both countries seeking to prosecute him on allegations of scamming hundreds of millions of dollars by defrauding the government run fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad. Via The Hill.

1MDB was originally created with the strict intentions to promote economic development throughout the country of Malaysia. But the wealth fund was quickly turned into massive slush fund scheme for Jho Low and his associates, giving them the ability to illegally influence different government officials. Via Bloomberg.
Goldman Sachs is a familiar name that now joins the list being investigated by the Justice Department. The prestigious longtime company will be investigated after they raised billions of dollars for the convicted criminal fund, which essentially helped Barack Obama win his re-elect in 2012.

One Goldman Sachs banker has already plead guilty to multiple counts of money laundering, and bribery charges. Another employee working from Sachs's foreign branch, is scheduled to be extradited from Malaysia to the United States, and charged with similar violations. Via The Hill.
According to the Bloomberg, the case referring “to ‘Co-conspirator A,’ whose description matched that of Michel, a former member of the Fugees rap group. Jho Low was referred to as ‘Co-conspirator B.’” The charges expected to be filed against Michel on Friday concern prior activities, strictly from 2012.”

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