ICE Director Says Illegal Immigrants Are 'Responsible' For Child Separations

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The current acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Matthew Albence defended ICE’s recent illegal immigrant raids in Mississippi, while touching on his thoughts of the unfortunate act of separating illegal immigrant children from their parents. Albence argues the illegal parents are to blame for the current problems with the separation of children. 
“We conduct our operations with professionalism, with compassion and with humanity, and we tried our best to minimize the impact on the innocent people of this situation,” Albence said during an NBC interview on Tuesday. “However, we have to enforce the law. Every law [enforcement agency] enforces the law against individuals who have broken it.”

The agency chief is specifically commenting on ICE’s record-breaking raids conducted in Mississippi during early August. ICE agents proceeded to raid seven different food processing facilities in Mississippi, apprehending and arresting nearly 700 illegal immigrant workers who supposedly live and work in the United States illegally. The Mississippi raids marked ICE’s largest single state raid in American history. Via the Daily Caller.


The mainstream media continues to demonize the difficult job of ICE agents and their administration, condemning ordered actions at any given opportunity. Following the Mississippi illegal alien raids, ICE agents have received significant amounts of criticism following the large numbers of illegal immigrant apprehensions and arrests documented. 

Protests have sprouted across the United States following President Trump’s crackdowns on illegal immigrants living in America. According to the Daily Caller, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus have stepped in and asked for detailed information regarding ICE’s raiding operations.

During Albence’s interview with NBC, he was shown a viral video of a crying girl whose illegal father was arrested during the scheduled ICE raids. He was then asked to share his opinion of the separation…
“Some of the most difficult things that we have to do in our job is to enforce the laws, involve the separation of children,” the ICE chief said. “The parents or the individuals that are breaking the law are ultimately the ones that are responsible for placing their children in this situation.” Said Albence. 

Almost every chief and director within the Homeland Security (DHS) sector has publicly come to the defense of ICE’s Mississippi August raids. According to DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan, out of the 680 illegal aliens apprehended, over 200 carried serious criminal records. More than half of the illegal immigrants arrested were then released on “humanitarian grounds.” Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan stated that the crying girl in the video was “immediately returned” to her mother’s care. Via the Daily Caller.
Although ICE and DHS agencies conduct these raids to strictly protect AMERICAN citizens, mainstream media and the left continue to portray these agencies as heartless animals. Whether it be using the pain of children or an outright lying rhetoric, Democrats are willing to use the unlawful acts of illegal immigrants to further push their corrupt political agenda.

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