Jemele Hill: Race is Reason For Being Labeled ‘Too Political’

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Jemele Hill, former ESPN Sportscenter host recently announced in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, that she will be joining the left leaning Atlantic magazine as a sports staff writer. Along with breaking the news about her new job, Hill touched on her thoughts about the majority of people labeling her “too political” to work for ESPN.

Jamele Hill explained to the reporter that it wasn’t Donald Trump's presidential election win that ignited accusations that she was “too political.” It wasn’t the blunt political attack on national television, accusing President Donald Trump of being a “white supremacist” last September.

Hill’s reasoning behind why her and former co-host, Michael Smith, were labeled “too political” for ESPN is simply because she is black. Insisting that the label of being “too political” is just some deep code for racism.

“I always thought that [being ‘political’] was a very interesting label, because frankly, I think that most of the time it was said because we were the two black people,” Hill told the Reporter.

During the interview Hill specifically talked about when she and Smith conducted a sit down with Chance the Rapper, an outspoken supporter of Colin Kaepernick’s protests. The interview conducted by the duo was aired for a portion of their ESPN SportsCenter show.

Hill claims the interview with the rapper is only one example of why people think she is “too political.”

“But because you have the two black people that are outspoken, with another outspoken black artist, suddenly the show is too political,” Hill insisted.

What Jemele seems to forget, is the fact that she is not the only ESPN employee to be labeled as “too political.” ESPN has charged multiple employees in the last couple years due to pounding one sided, left leaning politics on a sports channel.

Some of those employees include, Will Cain, Keith Olbermann, Mike Greenberg, Max Kellerman, and Michelle Beatle. All of whom are Caucasian. Hill still believes the reasoning behind ESPN being labeled as political and left leaning is because of her.

“I don’t even take it personally. But the truth of the matter is that part of the reason they have been swimming endlessly in this narrative that they’re too political is because of me,” Claimed Hill.

Jemele Hill ended her interview admitting that her interests of combining sports and politics on an everyday basis was completely different from the owner’s goals at ESPN/Disney.

“Looking at it from their viewpoint, of course, it would be easier not having me around.”