John James Outraises Democrat Incumbent in Michigan’s Coveted Senate Race

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The GOP U.S. Senate seeker John James recently announced that he officially “outraised” the Democrat incumbent in the coveted Michigan Senate seat race. John James’ fundraising efforts has helped the likely republican nominee collect more funds than his Democratic opponent for the second consecutive fundraising quarter.
According to reports from, James is running for a Michigan Senate seat against U.S. Sen. Gary Peters, D-Bloomfield Township, in a state won by President Donald Trump back in the 2016 election. This makes John James a high-profile asset on the road to Republicans re-controlling Congress in 2020. 

James’ campaign never released the “cash-on-hand” sum they started with in the beginning of the year, but 2019 quarter fundraising data shows John James is beginning to dominate, recently posting record breaking quarter donation numbers.

Campaign fundraising reports show Peters’ hauled in $2.5 million in the fourth fundraising quarter, marking his highest donation totals for the 2019 cycle. Sen. Gary Peters also started the cycle with an impressive $8 million “cash-on-hand,” which set Michigan Senate records for the cycle.
Almost immediately after releasing his fundraising totals, John James’ campaign announced their own fundraising success. The James campaign claimed to have collected a whopping $3.5 million in the fourth fundraising quarter, one upping Sen. Gary Peters by a staggering $1 million. James’ campaign ended their year with nearly $8 million raised, while Peters campaign claims to have raised $9.3 million since the beggining of 2019. Via

John James continues to make the correct noise with the GOP and their supporters, the former businessman and United States Army Vet is growing his backing at exponential rates, planning to set concrete precedents within the Republican party. James has become an important face of the conservative movement, already receiving endorsements from the Michigan Republican Party and Vice President Mike Pence. Via The Daily Caller.
“Gary Peters has always tried to lead from behind, and today’s announcement finds him once again in the back of the pack,” Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox told “From polling to fundraising, Gary Peters is playing catch-up with John James.”

John James’ continued success in Michigan, combined with his strong relationships with the Trump administration, could prove to be the difference in this Senate election. James could possibly play a pivotal role in a state where Donald Trump and Republicans have previously claimed victory.
“Thank YOU to our grassroots army who helped raise $3.5M over the last 3 months! YOUR sacrifice matters. Many of you gave at least $25 which added up & made all the difference. My commitment to service before self would not matter without YOURS. Thank you! God bless you! #letsfly” Said John James via Twitter.

For more information about John James and his campaign please visit his official site here.

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