Kaepernick and Smollett's Lawyer Conspired With Avenatti?

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Yesterday, lawyer and well-known critic of President Trump was charged by federal prosecutors in New York.

The former lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels allegedly attempted to extort Nike for approximately $20 million dollars.  The FBI learned that Avenatti allegedly threatened to use his fame to harm Nike, unless they paid him off.

FBI Assistant Director in Charge William Sweeney Jr. said "As alleged, Michael Avenatti approached Nike last week with a list of financial demands in exchange for covering up allegations of misconduct on behalf of the company. The lofty price tag included a $1.5 million payoff for Avenatti’s client and upwards of tens of millions of dollars for the legal services of his firm – services Nike never requested. This is nothing more than a straightforward case of extortion."

In the complaint, it was revealed that Avenatti's co-conspirator was allegedly the celebrity lawyer Michael Geragos. In the past, Geragos has represented Suge Knight and Chris Brown, as well as Colin Kaepernick and actor Jussie Smollett. Geragos was also a key legal analyst at CNN, until he was reportedly fired following these revelations.

As of now, it is unclear if Geragos has been charged with a crime, or if he's working with investigators. However, this case makes it clear just how closely intertwined many Democrats in the media have become. Many of the biggest news stories of the past year have revolved around these figures.

(Avenatti and Stormy Daniels going after President Trump, Avenatti's client Julie Swetnick accusing Justice Kavanaugh of rape, Colin Kaepernick's flag protests, and the Jussie Smollett hoax.)

It seems CNN has been so focused on attacking President Trump and other Republicans that they failed to do due diligence on their own employees and contributors. Avenatti was featured on CNN dozens of times, and the company even pumped up the hype for his potential Presidential bid. CNN should try to report the news, rather than report their opinions as news, and maybe they wouldn't continue to be exposed as frauds. I wouldn't hold my breath though.
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