Kaepernick Demands Outrageous Contract for QB Role

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Now that the traditional football season is over for both the NFL and NCAA, some might find it difficult to find their football fix. As of recent, the Alliance of American Football (AAF) has filled that tv need, providing great games with solid talent backing up their new league.
As the AAF league continues to expand and grow, so does their need for exceptional football talent. It is common for secondary leagues like the AAF, AFL and CFL to go after highly named players who no longer play in the NFL, intro Colin Kaepernick.

The former San Fransico 49er and National Anthem protester, Colin Kaepernick, was approached by owners from the AAF about the possibility of maybe playing in their league.
Instead of thinking over the offer, Kaepernick decided to show off his exemplary characteristics by demanding a set contract number right off the bat. The contract that Kaepernick set for himself, before even considering playing for the AAF, was $20 million.
Keep in mind, Kaepernick is currently engaged with a lawsuit against the NFL, blaming them for colluding, keeping him from possibly playing in the NFL again. Still the AAF were willing to take a shot at the former 49er, but instead, the AAF got spat on by a disrespectful man. Just like he disrespected the flag and our country, causing added tension between race relations in our country.

The $20 million Kaepernick demanded from the AAF, accounts for more than half the league would make the entire year. According to reports from ESPN, the average player in the AAF will earn anywhere from $75,000 to $250,000 for a three year contract. As the AAF continues to grow in popularity and fandom, the more they will be able to compensate players and staff.
Colin Kaepernick and his team demanded that outrageous contract number to even think about playing in the AAF. Also keep in mind, Kap hasn’t played a significant, or even competitive down of football since the end of the 2016 NFL season. The 2016 season, with the San Francisco 49ers, is also where Kaepernick invented his kneeling protest, helping further division and the injection of politics in sports.

With all the dirt and controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick, the AAF was still willing to take a chance on the guy. You would think if Kap was really serious about getting back into the NFL, opportunities like this would be the first step on the road to redemption. If he really wanted a second chance, he would accept offers to play competitively, and focus on putting together solid film that displays his talent as a QB. But instead of the hard, slow grind of a comeback, Colin Kaepernick continues decide to be a political martyr.

According to outside sources, Kaepernick was not the only former NFL QB the AAF had their eyes on. The AAF approached former Denver Broncos QB, Tim Tebow. Tebow turned down the offer, as he continues to focus on a pursuit for a MLB career. He currently plays for the MLB farm team, the Binghamton Rumble Ponies.