Kaepernick’s Attorney Claims NFL Owners ‘Kowtowing’ to Trump

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Colin Kaepernick’s attorney, Mark Geragos, held nothing back from the mainstream media, when he described his conspiracy theory regarding his client being blackballed by the NFL. Basically, Kaepernick and Geragos are blaming the NFL owners, along with President Trump, for being the reason why he isn’t on a current NFL roster.

Mark Geragos acts as Colin Kaepernick’s lead attorney for his ‘collusion’ case against the NFL, in which he blames each NFL team owner of ‘kowtowing’ to President Trump.

They believe President Trump put tremendous amounts of pressure on NFL owners to not sign Kaepernick, thus, blocking him from having the possibility to sign with a new team.

“I think the commissioner was roasted appropriately on social media… The whole thing is basically a ruse. The collusion actually was the NFL kowtowing to the President” Geragos said Thursday morning during an interview in on NBC’s Today.

One of Geragos’ focal points behind why his client should be signed was because he is simply in “spectacular” shape. Forget not playing a down of football for the NFL or any other league in three years, his client is in good shape, so give him a contract!

Among previous pieces of ‘evidence’ of collusion that Geragos claims, he also talked about another NFL player who he believes is being wronged by the league. The attorney spoke in regards to former 49ers safety Eric Reid, who had joined Kaepernick in his kneeling protests.

Reid is now a member with the Carolina Panthers, but has filed his own grievance against the NFL.

“Eric Reid went under oath and actually testified that he would consider alternatives to kneeling, within three days, 72 hours, he had three different teams that were vying for him and to sign him. You tell me how is it that when he testified under oath, and it’s supposedly a private proceeding, three teams knew enough to reach out to his agent what he had said under oath that he would consider alternatives” said Geragos.

Colin Kaepernick began his kneeling protests during the national anthem back in the preseason of 2016. After that season, Kaepernick decided to walk away from his contract with the 49ers. Since then, the former San Francisco QB, has not secured a spot on a current NFL roster.

However, reports previously surfaced that Kaepernick had multiple opportunities to sign as a backup, or sign with a team making less money. In October of 2017, Kaepernick filed a collusion grievance against the NFL, alleging that the league’s owners conspired to keep him off a roster due to his anthem protests.

Mark Geragos made it clear that Kaepernick wishes, and still believes he can still play in the NFL, making it known that it’s the NFL’s job to get him back in the league. During the 2018-2019 NFL season we have seen the once popular protest dissipate almost into nothing, with only a handful of players participating in the protest. Now that the controversy of kneeling is almost at a close, it will be unlikely the NFL would want to reinsert the player that erupted this divisive time in sports.