Kamala Harris Claims President Trump is America’s Biggest National Security Threat

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During the latest round of the Democratic debates, presidential candidate Kamala Harris was asked to provide her thoughts on America’s greatest national security threat. Instead of condemning the obvious American hating groups like Russia, China, North Korea or ISIS, Harris went on to coin President Trump as America’s most immediate national security threat.
The democratic candidate was questioned about whether or not she would maintain peaceful relations with North Korea and their leader Kim Jong Un if she became president. Within seconds Senator Harris attacked President Trump and his administration, claiming Trump “got punked,” while immediately labeling our current president as the most immediate threat to America’s overall security. Via The Daily Caller.

“What Donald Trump has done from pulling out of the Paris agreement, to pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, to consistently turning a back on people who have stood with us in difficult times — including most recently the Kurds — points out that Donald Trump is the greatest threat to the national security of our nation at this moment,” the California Senator said.


Keep in mind the initial question asked to Harris was specifically tailored around recent news about North Korea’s threat against America. The longtime leader threatened President Trump that he would cancel “all future summits” if Trump doesn’t agree to make concessions regarding North Korea's nuclear weapon capabilities. Via The Daily Caller.

“He has conducted foreign policy since day one born out of a very fragile ego that fails to understand that one of the most important responsibilities as the commander-in-chief is to concern herself with the security of our nation and homeland,” Kamala Harris claimed.

“And to do it in a way that understands that part of the strength of who we are as a nation, and therefore an extension of our ability to be secure, is not only that we have a vibrant military, but that when we walk in any room around the globe, we are respected because we keep to our word, we are consistent, we speak truth, and we are loyal.” Harris continued.
As Kamala Harris concluded her off topic biased enraged rant, the debate moderator went on to ask the Senator the same exact question, probing for a more expectable and knowledgeable answer. Instead of compiling actual data, facts and transparent views on the topic questioned, Harris relied on her biased hatred against President Trump. 

Harris’s rant followed the typical leftist ideology, yell and scream, point fingers and deflect. The California Senator replied to the second round of her initial question by saying she would not make concessions with Kim Jong Un and North Korea during this time, ultimately making herself look like a clown. 

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