Megan Rapinoe Begs Male Soccer Stars to Become “Political Activists”

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National U.S. women’s soccer co-captain Megan Rapinoe recently called out soccer’s prominent male superstars for not speaking out against sexism, racism, immigration, equal pay and overall political activism. Rapinoe specifically called out massive male soccer stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to become involved with her leftist agenda.
The U.S. women’s soccer star received the female “Ballon d’Or award" on Monday night, during her acceptance speech Rapinoe chose to criticize three European soccer stars for not being involved with her longstanding political activism. Rapinoe didn’t stop there, she demanded that the three stars should “start to speak up for political causes.” Via The Daily Caller.

“I want to shout: ‘Cristiano, Lionel, Zlatan, help me!'” Megan Rapinoe exclaimed. “These big stars do not engage in anything when there are so many problems in men’s football.”

During her acceptance speech Rapinoe distinctly accused the male soccer stars of being “too cowardly” to speak out on important political matters. (Note, all three male players Rapinoe called out are European citizens, who live, play, and represent their own countries)
“Do they fear losing everything? They believe that, but it is not true,” the U.S. co-captain said, criticizing the male players. “Who will erase Messi or Ronaldo from world football history for a statement against racism or sexism?”

Rapinoe continued her rant, claiming her biased, uneducated and baseless views on activism work hand and hand with her success in sports…

“This Ballon d’Or rewards both,” her sport and her political activism, Rapinoe said. “On the one hand, I am a good player. On the other, my activity away from the pitch brings me support as people understand I am acting to find solutions to our society’s problems. The idea is to empower others to speak louder.”
The Women’s World Cup champion pressed the male stars further, stating that she remains "fearless" about promoting her extreme leftist agenda.

“I am lucky to have a bit of talent to lead these fights,” she concluded. “I have no fear, so I say what I say. Traveling all over for conferences and meetings exhausts me, but you have to be on the front line to improve things in our world.”

Megan Rapinoe has become infamous for her insecure attacks on President Trump and her home country. Rapinoe seriously stepped into the leftist spotlight back in 2016, when former San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick introduced his “kneeling protest” during the playing of the national anthem. Rapinoe followed Kaepernick’s footsteps and began kneeling before her games, refusing to place her hand over her heart during the playing of America's national anthem. Via The Daily Caller.
The women’s soccer star continued her disrespectful antics, refusing to stand respectfully and sing the national anthem during the U.S.’s appearance at the World Cup in France. Megan Rapinoe has become so out of control with her on and off field antics, the U.S. national soccer team implemented the rule ALL players must stand during the playing of the national anthem. Via The Daily Caller.

Although America is Rapinoe’s birth place, a country who offers her the opportunity to play a sport for a living, the soccer star continues to disrespect our country, our citizens and most of all our President Donald Trump.

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