Mike Pence Criticizes Nike and the NBA Over Deals with China

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Vice President Mike Pence recently emptied a barrage of criticism on the National Basketball Association and the massive “woke” sports apparel company Nike. VP Pence accused the two organizations to “bowing” down to the requests of communist China. Via the Daily Caller.
The Vice President spoke at The Wilson Center in Washington, D.C. this week, Pence touched on the NBA’s recent actions regarding relationships with China, describing the NBA’s behavior as a “wholly owned subsidiary” of China. Via WSJ.com.

Vice President Pence also touched on the apparel giant Nike, saying the company was “checking its social conscience at the door.”

Pence’s depiction of the NBA and their main sponsor Nike is directly related to a prior tweet from Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey. Morey’s tweet in question read, “Fight for Freedom, stand with Hong Kong.” The simple tweet was intended to show support for oppressed citizens currently protesting and fighting for their freedom in Hong Kong. Via the Daily Caller.
Daryl Morey’s tweet unleashed immense amounts of backlash from communist China, which in return prompted an unwarranted apology from the NBA. At this time, the professional basketball league decided to protect their bottom line instead of supporting the need for personal freedoms.

“Some of the NBA’s biggest players and owners, who routinely exercise their freedom to criticize this country, lose their voices when it comes to the freedom and rights of other peoples.”

“In siding with the Chinese Communist Party and silencing free speech, the NBA is acting like a wholly owned subsidiary of the authoritarian regime.” Vice President Pence said.

VP Mike Pence then turned his criticism on the sports apparel company Nike, who after Morey's tweet, pulled apparel items from their Chinese markets after an employed Nike designer publicly voiced his support for the protesters of Hong Kong. Via the WSJ.com.
Nike not only pulled specific items from the Chinese market, the apparel giant also removed all Houston Rockets gear, while cancelling all of the organizations scheduled events in the country following Morey’s tweet.

“Nike promotes itself as a so called ‘social-justice champion,’ but when it comes to Hong Kong, it prefers checking its social conscience at the door,” VP Pence concluded.

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