Mutts with a Mission Aims to Aid Veterans

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The non-profit organization, Mutts with a Mission (MWAM) is helping veterans and wounded warriors regain a sense of independence by helping capture a missing sense of normalcy in everyday life. MWAM provides lifesaving work to heroes in need by introducing them to the serviced trained "man’s best friend."
The organization specifically searches to partner and train service dogs with veterans and wounded warriors who previously served on active duty, or those who experienced some type of service-related disability. Today, less than one-half of one percent of all Americans willingly choose to risk their life, limb, and mind by serving our great country.

These vets are selfless heroes, deserving of the upmost respect, and proper treatments for their sacrifice for our freedoms. And Mutts with a Mission is willing to provide that help...
The non-profit organization was launched in 2008 by SSG Brooke Corson after returning from an active duty campaign, during her tour, Corson experienced the power and impact of service dogs, especially to those with injuries or other issues. Brooke, her husband Joe and brother Keller have helped launch MWAM, providing the desperate need for highly skilled service dogs.
Brooke and the Mutts team started by utilizing “unwanted” dogs from shelters and rescues from all over the local area. The team provided top notch certified training to help these canines achieve “service dog status,” and eventually providing them with the necessary skills to change a veteran’s life for the better.

After some sustained success, MWAM decided to shift focus from program-trained dogs to owner-trained dogs. Removing the difficult aspect of placing deserving veterans and wounded warriors on constant two year waiting lists.
“Training at MWAM lasts anywhere from six months to two years.  For the Owner Train program, Brooke will take dogs up to three years old.  The working life of a service dog is only eight to ten years and training can cost between $20,000 and $40,000 per dog.  Anything past three-years-old just isn’t cost effective as it cuts into the time a veteran can use the dog.” Via
Mutts with a Mission continues to take all the necessary steps to help veterans and wounded warriors in need, whether it be from a physical mobility standpoint or mental aspect...

The burden endured by many of these patriots is truly immense, they deserve the help from American citizens everywhere!
Some veterans who seek assistance from MWAM have severe cases of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), night terrors, panic attacks and fear of crowded public places. Once a veteran who suffers from PTSD returns home from active duty, everyday little things in life like going food shopping becomes almost an impossible task for these suffering patriots.
Other veterans seeking help from MWAM  have more combat related injuries, which seriously limits their physical mobility. All the simple things in life that are taken for granted like flipping a light switch, climbing stairs and retrieving medication becomes extremely difficult without the help from these top-notch service dogs.

The freedoms we enjoy every day is a direct result from the sacrifices made by these brave veterans and wounded warriors. Their choices to fight for our freedoms should never be taken for granted, they help secure our liberties and keep America great.

Through hard work and proper training, deserving veterans will be able to regain their independence and return to a normalized life with the help from Mutts with a Mission. These heroes are in need and deserve the help from grateful patriotic Americans.

**To learn more about Mutts with a Mission please visit their website here!**