NBA Center Enes Kanter Blasts Ilhan Omar Over Turkey Sanctions Vote

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Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter recently criticized Rep. Ilhan Omar over refusing to vote in favor of a bill that would in enact economic sanctions on Turkey. Specifically, these sanctions regard Turkey's military campaign against Kurdish forces in Northern Syria.
Over the last couple of years, Turkish born NBA star Enes Kanter has heavily criticized Turkish government and their President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Recently, Kanter voiced his frustrations with Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) with a tweet blasting her for being the only Democrat to vote against a bill that would place sanctions on Turkey. Via

“What an absolute disappointment and shame that the only democrat who did NOT support the Turkish bill aiming to stop the killing of innocent people is @IlhanMN who seems like on #DictatorErdogan ‘s payroll working for his interests, but not for the American people and democracy!” Said Kanter via Twitter.
The Boston Celtics center believes Omar’s actions are completely unpatriotic, saying the Congresswoman is “working for his (Erdoğan) interests, and not for the American people.” Kanter went as far as labeling Rep. Ilhan Omar as a possible Turkish conspirator, claiming her refusal to vote in favor of the bill made it seem like Omar is “on #DictatorErdogan’s payroll.” Via

The House bill that Rep. Omar refused to vote upon had overwhelming bipartisan support, easily passing on Tuesday with a vote count of 403-16. According to the Washington Post, Ilhan Omar published an op-ad in the beginning of the month, saying she believed Turkish sanctions would be unnecessary and ineffective.

Enes Kanter has had a long and dangerous past with the Turkish government, his vocal and public criticisms of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has created hazardous situations for the Boston Celtic all-star.
Back in 2017, Kanter was travelling through Romania where he was detained by authorities, and his passport was revoked by the Turkish embassy because of his “critical” views on President Erdoğan. 

Kanter was then issued a warrant for his arrest after calling the Turkish president “the Hitler of our century.” Instead of getting to Enes, the Turkish government arrested his father, where he faced possible cruel and unusual torture tactics from officials in his own country. Kanter was not only facing an arrest warrant from the Turks, the government actually labeled him as a “member of a terrorist group,” which ultimately prevented Kanter the ability to travel abroad. Via
Enes Kanter’s situation with the Turkish government has only escalated this year, in January the Boston Celtic center was unable to board a flight to London with his team due to overwhelming amounts of death threats. The team was scheduled to play in a exhibition game in London, but Kanter immediately expressed his concerns saying “I can’t travel anywhere except U.S. and Canada because there’s a chance I could get killed out there.”

During Ilhan Omar’s time serving as a representative of U.S. Congress, she has wrapped herself in nothing but toxic controversy. Whether it be her blatant anti-Semetic rhetoric, extreme leftist ideologies or her outright un-patriotic attitude, Americans are simply tired of it.  When will people wake up and come to realization that Rep. Ilhan Omar doesn't have AMERICAN citizens best interest!?!?

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