NJ Educators Test Lesson Plans on LGBTQ History During Holocaust Teaching

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Public schools within New Jersey are testing out a new lesson plan which features “highlights and contributions” of LGBTQ figures throughout history and society. The curriculum will emphasize those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual. These curriculums will be mandated, and taught in public schools throughout the state. The newly piloted educational curriculum will supposedly be attached to events that transpired during the Holocaust.
The overwhelming PC curriculum is a direct result of New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signing a bill that requires ALL N.J. public schools to include LQBTQ lessons into middle school and high school curriculums. New Jersey has now joined Illinois, California and Colorado as the only states in the U.S. mandating public schools to teach LGBTQ curriculums. Via The Daily Caller.

Some New Jersey public schools are currently testing out the forced LGBTQ curriculum plan, while others wait for the law to be officially mandated during the 2020-2021 school year.

With the new LQBTQ curriculum bill, N.J. students will be forced to take classes that touch on how the Holocaust and LGBTQ history are connected. Specifically, students will be taught about “thousands of gay men put in Nazi concentration camps and forced to wear pink triangles or about other significant moments in the gay rights movement.”
The fuel behind the PC curriculum is provided by the advocacy group Garden State Equality. The group has recently pushed for over the top LGBTQ lessons plans, using specific young LQBTQ students as the faces of their campaign. The group plans on using these N.J. public school students, who identify as gay, to further push an obvious agenda within our school systems. Via The Daily Caller.

For example, a N.J. sophomore student, who is gay, and attending a school with the piloted curriculum, was assigned a history project based on the Holocaust. The student chose to write about the specific “pink triangle,” Nazis used to identify gays in concentration camps.

“I never knew about it,” said the sophomore student. “I feel that the topic should be talked about and people should know about me.” 
Garden State Equality Advocacy spokesman recently commented on the inclusion of the state mandated education curriculum. 

“LGBT history is part of American history. To tell our students anything other than that would be fictional,” Garden State Equality spokesperson Jon Oliveria said. “There’s so much information to be consumed in the classroom.”

New Jersey based groups like Family Policy Alliance of N.J. have already showed their distaste for the new mandated LGBTQ curriculum. According to reports from the Daily Caller, the organization has collected over 8,000  petition signatures from fellow concerned N.J. citizens.

“This curriculum violates and conflicts with the religious and moral beliefs of millions of New Jerseyeans regarding human sexuality,” Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey Director Shawn Hyland said
Director Hyland continues to warn N.J. citizens about the flawed curriculum being taught to minors in school, pointing to the fact that LQBTQ teachings are not “drafted by academic historians or professors.” He believes all signs point to these "education oriented" advocacy groups, who push obsurd agendas that value feelings over confirmed science.

“The original bill language from February 2018, stated students must be taught an accurate portrayal of historical contributions of LGBT individuals in social studies,” the director explained. “The final bill language in December 2018, and that was signed into law by Governor Murphy in Feb 2019, removed the requirement of accuracy and instead asserted students must be taught a positive view of the LGBT community, regardless of the facts.”
The advocacy group behind the pushed curriculum responded to the citizens backlash of mandated LGBTQ teachings. The advocacy group continues to claim the science is backed up by scholored writers, that can be "found on their official website."

“Beginning of page 17 of our Media Kit which has been publicly available on our website since the launch of our pilot, you’ll find bios for the dozen or so writers,”

 “Each are New Jersey educators from a wide array of backgrounds.” Said Garden State Equality spokesman Jon Oliveria.

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