NJ Governor Signs Bill Allowing Illegals to Acquire Driver Licenses

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Democratic New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently signed a bill into legislation giving illegal aliens living in the state an opportunity to obtain a “valid driver license.” New Jersey has officially become the 14th state in the United States to give illegals the right to acquire a driver’s license.
Gov. Phil Murphy signed the bill into legislation on Thursday, creating two different categories of N.J. state driver licenses. The first license is identified as the “federally-compliant Real ID,” which only can be acquired by citizens willing to prove their legal state residency. Via The Daily Caller.

The second form of NJ state license is the “Standard Basic driver license,” which can be obtained by anyone of age inside the state, even if those citizens are illegal aliens.

Murphy recently celebrated his recent legislation passage, claiming the bill will ultimately increase the safety of New Jersey roads.
“Expanding access to driver’s licenses is critical for the safety of New Jerseyans and a step toward building a stronger and fairer New Jersey for all,” Murphy said in a statement. “Allowing residents, the opportunity to obtain driver’s licenses regardless of their immigration status will decrease the number of uninsured drivers and increase safety on our roads. I thank my partners in the Legislature for sending this important bill to my desk.”

Along with giving ILLEGALS the right to obtain state driver licenses, Gov. Murphy’s law also demands the Chief Admin of Motor Vehicle Commission to spend tax payers money on a long running two-year awareness campaign. The public campaign is intended to inform the states “illegal alien community” of their chance to acquire an official driver’s license. Via The Daily Caller.
Gov. Murphy believes his anti-American legislation will have a positive impact New Jersey, while many state citizens are left scratching their head in disgust… According to a study from the 2018 New Jersey Policy Perspective, experts estimate there are over 460,000 illegal aliens eligible to obtain a state driver’s license. Now you tell me how that increases safety on Jersey roads!?

While most Americans find this legislation passage a complete slap in the face, New jersey isn’t the first state to implement this radical leftist policy. 13 other states around the country allow ILLEGALS the right to acquire a driver’s license. New York passed a similar bill this year, and DMV workers reported impossibly long lines on the first day the law was placed in effect.
New Jersey has become a state plagued with radical democratic ideas as NJ becomes more catering to Illegal aliens every day. For example, Gurbir Grewal, NJ’s Democratic attorney general, issued a “directive” in 2018 that prohibits state and local police from cooperating with Immigration and Customs agents apprehending illegals. Via The Daily Caller.

New Jersey is becoming a sanctuary for illegals in America, if this isn’t a wakeup call for LEGAL citizens of NJ, I don’t know what is...

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