Planned Parenthood Accuses Citizen Journalist of Participating in Organized Crime

The legal battle between the Center for Medical Progress (remember David Daleiden, pro-life investigative hero?) and Planned Parenthood is far from over. And they’ve been fighting it since 2015. Much of Planned Parenthood’s case against CMP is bogus and fueled by resentment that they were caught doing intensely shady stuff.

This is just one video of many. You’ll have to block out half the day to watch them all (though it’s worth the time).

One could argue that this case would be a lot more cut and dry if it didn’t involve Planned Parenthood and abortion. Anybody see the movie Gosnell? The CMP case hearkens back to a scene in the movie where there’s a line, something to the effect of, ‘you don’t want to be the person who goes after abortion rights.’ Even though the case was about actual infanticide. Under any other circumstance, catching illegal (not to mention inhumane and disgusting) activity on video is pretty straightforward.

Planned Parenthood and their thick wallet has more than a few friends in high places. But CMP’s legal counsel is prepared to give it their all. David himself noted that some big news about the case as early as next week.

Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins said:

“The best thing we can do right now is continue to talk about the corruption that CMP revealed inside Planned Parenthood and continue to call on the President to defund  Planned Parenthood. We also must demand that the Department of Justice address the case sent to them in 2016 that looked into trafficking in human body parts harvested by Planned Parenthood, something we all saw on the CMP recordings.
It’s a travesty of justice to accuse citizen journalists of being members of organized crime, and we hope that the jury will see the courage of those who told the truth about Planned Parenthood’s gruesome operation.”

After all, Planned Parenthood doesn’t really care about getting fooled by some journalists.They care that the public was horrified by what they witnessed behind those closed doors. Had our reaction been any less, it would’ve been business as usual for the abortion giant. THAT is why public outrage and action matters. Keep fighting for justice for David and his team!

**This article was republished from by Brenna Lewis**


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