President Trump Claims Immigration Victory in 9th Circuit Court

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The notorious liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, shockingly awarded President Donald Trump with a victory regarding an immigration policy late on Friday. This news serves as an extra surprise because the courts traditionally side against the Trump administration in general.

Specifically, the Circuit Court equipped a stay against the lower courts previous decision that blocked President Trump from enacting a stay policy. This policy would force Mexican immigrants to wait in Mexico as U.S. officials properly process their asylum records. Via The Blaze News.
According to the New York Times, President Trump’s awarded stay was only temporary. The courts will conclude on a decision that could possibly increase the stay sometime next week.
Although this is an apparent win for President Trump and his administration, Federal District Court Judge Richard Seeborg has already permitted an injunction against Trump’s approved policy.

Seeborg declared the policy is in violation of “existing immigration law,” while claiming President Trump doesn’t have the ability to enforce such immigration policy. Via The Blaze News.
President Trump’s immigration policy was created to end the tactic of “catch and release policy,” where immigrants without a criminal record would be let loose into the general population while the courts would process their asylum requests. The policy President Trump is pushing to enforce will ensure the upmost safety to immigrants and most importantly the American citizen.

The policy laid out by the Trump administration doesn’t deny immigration but rather provides the U.S. with true immigrants, who deeply want to become an American citizen. These are the people America wants. It’s too bad some people are incapable of seeing it this way.   

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