President Trump Continues Barrage of Criticism Against Rep. Omar

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Over the past week, President Trump has unleashead some well deserved criticism upon Rep. Illhan Omar (D-Min.), exposing her for the constant “disrespects,” against the United States.

President Trump conducted an interview with KSTP News in Minnesota, where he said Rep. Illhan Omar has "got a way about her that's very, very bad for our country." Via The Hill.
President Trump continued, saying:
"She's been very disrespectful to this country. She's been very disrespectful, frankly, to Israel. She is somebody that doesn't really understand life, real life. What it's all about," 
"She's got a way about her that's very, very bad for our country." Concluded President Trump.

Rep. Illhan Omar and President Trump have exchanged words throughout the week, but Trump really riled some Democrat feathers when he tweeted a video of Omar’s speech regarding the actions of terrorist's on 9/11, describing it as "they did something." The video featured Omar speaking at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and included images and video of some of the horrors that took place on 9/11, Trump captioned his tweet with “We will never forget.”
Democrats came screaming to the defense of Rep. Illhan Omar, pushung the narrative that she is actually the true victim here. Omar and her group of extreme leftist’s claim President Trump’s tweet featuring the 9/11 video, incites “violence and hate” against her, and other women of color.
While on the other hand, conservatives have accused Rep. Omar of downplaying the actions of Muslim terrorists on one of the worst days in American history. (video evidence clearly shows it) The freshman Congresswoman has even pushed for leniency and mercy for arrested members of terrorist organizations like ISIS. Numerous members of the Republican Party, and even members on the left have described a multitude of Omar’s comments as anti-Semetic. Via The Hill.

Rep. Omar has recently vowed that all the backlash she faces would not deter her love for America, and her goal to "affect change" in the Middle East. Omar remains one of the Israeli Governments biggest critic, obviously pushing her support for Palestinians. Via The Hill.
"I did not run for Congress to be silent. I did not run for Congress to sit on the sidelines. I ran because I believed it was time to restore moral clarity and courage to Congress. To fight and to defend our democracy," 
"No one person — no matter how corrupt, inept, or vicious — can threaten my unwavering love for America. I stand undeterred to continue fighting for equal opportunity in our pursuit of happiness for all Americans," Omar continued. Said Rep. Omar in a recent tweet.
Democrats and leftist supporters have called for President Trump to remove his tweet that included Omar’s 9/11 comments. Labeling his tweet as an invitation to incite threats and acts of violence. Via The Hill.

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