President Trump Receives Roaring Ovation at College Football Championship

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President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump were greeted with massive applause before the start of the College Football National Championship on Monday night. The Commander in Chief and First Lady were met with tremendous praise after being brought onto the field for the playing of the national anthem, before the start of the LSU and Clemson Tigers championship game. 
The Trumps walked out onto the field of the Mercedes Benz Superdome, and the crowd immediately erupted with cheers. Donald Trump and Melania’s images appeared on the stadium big screen, prompting the crowd to bust out the classic U-S-A chant throughout the arena.

During the Trumps screen time, more chants began to ring out from the crowd, this time demanding “four more years” of President Trump and his administration.

Although President Trump is an extremely busy individual, he continues to show his love and support for professional and college amateur sports in the USA. His presence at the College Football Championship marks his second appearance at a college football game this year, previously spectating a huge LSU Tiger win earlier in the season. 

President Trump was later seen singing along with the playing of our nations national anthem, accompanied by his beautiful First Lady Melania Trump. Shortly after, President Trump was asked about his thoughts on the championship, and his predictions on who will win the game. Trump answered that he “liked both teams’ chances" of winning the football game.

While most of America loved seeing President Trump attending the College Football Championship, the Democratic Left par for the course, found something to cry and complain about. Movie star Vince Vaughn, who is a longtime Libertarian and Republican candidate supporter, visited President Trump in his personal box during the game. Because of this harmless visit, Vaughn now faces liberal backlash after a video emerged showing the Hollywood actor conversing with Trump and shaking his hand before saying goodbye.
Of course, Democrats and the far Left found Vince Vaughn’s visit with President Trump as a problem, almost immediately calling for the star to be “cancelled” within Hollywood circles. The video was originally uploaded by Timothy Burke, a Deadspin media (Liberal media outlet) employee, who captioned the video, "I'm very sorry to have to share this video with you. All of it, every part of it."

President Trump continues to make news with his presence at sporting events, specifically with highlights of reactions from the crowd in attendance. The reception and support for President Trump at the College Football Championship was absolutely amazing, serving a much different atmosphere than World Series game 5 in Washington D.C., or the UFC 244 MMA fight in NYC, where Trump either received boo’s or mixed reactions. 

The LSU Tigers ended up winning the championship, defeating  the Clemson Tigers and finishing the game with a final score of 42-25. LSU’s Heisman QB Joe Burrow stole the show once again, throwing for over 450 yards and 5 touchdowns. Beloved LSU head coach, Ed Orgeron, brings home his first National Championship and thanked the "State of Louisiana," along with President Trump for supporting LSU and his football team.

“I’m so proud of the state of Louisiana — we’ve had support from the governor, from the president, from everybody that follows LSU.” Said LSU coach Ed Orgeron during the post game interview.

Let's continue this support for President Trump!!!

Congrats to LSU!!! #GeauxTigers

**Photo Source: Uploaded by The White House**

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