Pro-Choice Groups Release Plan to Legalize Infanticide Nationwide

A coalition of groups that span the ideological spectrum from George Soros Democrats to Marxist Pro-Choicers to the more moderate socialist Democrats have united around a plan to nationwide legalize infanticide and, of course, make you pay for it.

Called the “Blueprint for Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice“, the plan calls for, according to their website,

-“Unobstructed access to abortion care, including surgical abortion, medication abortion, and self-managed abortion.”

-“Foreign policy that prioritizes sexual and reproductive health and rights.”

-“Selection and confirmation of administrative and judicial nominees who will advance sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice.”

To translate, they want to legalize infanticide, repeal the pro-life Mexico City Policy (which prevents taxpayers from funding abortions overseas), and reject any judicial nominee who doesn’t believe Roe v. Wade covers their wishlist of infanticide, paid for by taxpayers.

On the other hand, the pro-life blueprint for America actually helps women in need and includes:

-Building more maternity homes, so that moms and their families have a safe and secure place to live

-Opening more pregnancy resource centers, so that basics like food, diapers, and formula are readily accessible

-Changing campus policies to protect Title IX rights, allow students access to daycare, and ensure that pregnancy and education can happen at the same time

-Passing pro-life laws that protect women and families from the physical and mental harms of abortion

In a post-Roe America, Students for Life and other pro-life groups will be ready to help women and families in need and abolish abortion.

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