Rep. Ilhan Omar Hit With Campaign Finance Violations

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Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar was investigated and found guilty of improperly spending thousands of dollars on “non-campaign related expenses” throughout 2016 and 2017, while serving as a representitive of Congress. Via the Daily Caller.

Rep. Omar will be ordered by the state board to personally pay back her “unrelated campaign expenses,” totaling a sum of $3,500. According to recent reports, Omar spent just under $4,000 on specific out of state travel, while using $1,500 as disbursement to a law agency that made corrections to her personal tax returns. The Democratic Rep. used campign funds to cover travel expenses to Washington D.C., Boston, New York City and Chicago.
Omar’s “correction” on her tax returns ended up raising a red flag with the “crisis committee,” consequently ending with a full inquiry into her financial records. The “crisis committee” launched their original investigation as a response to allegations Ilhan Omar married her brother to complete an immigration fraud plan. Via the Daily Caller.
The first person to bring Omar’s unlawful financial practice to public attention was Minnesota’s Republican Rep. Steve Drazkowski. Drazkowski filed the initial complaint sometime during July of 2018, citing the fact Omar’s campaign paid lawyers a sum of $2,250 for her supposed 2017 marriage dissolution.
Rep. Steve Drazkowski later updated the official complaint to feature specific payments Omar’s campaign made regarding her frugal personal travel expenses...

Omar’s investigative order reads: “Rep. Omar must personally reimburse the Omar committee $3,469.23. This reimbursement payment is the total amount of campaign funds that were used for purposes not permitted by statute in 2016 and 2017. Rep. Omar must provide documentation within 30 days from the date of this order showing the deposit of the reimbursement into the Omar committee’s account.
A civil penalty of $500 is assessed against Rep. Ilhan Omar personally for the $207 payment in violation of Minnesota Statutes section 211B.12. Rep. Omar must personally pay the $500 by check or money order made payable to the State of Minnesota. Payment must be within 30 days of the date of this order.
The Omar committee must file an amended 2016 pre-general report disclosing the
amounts owed for immigration services and obtaining and reviewing the joint tax returns,
and must fully describe the purpose of those expenses within ten days of the date of this


After the Investigation was completed, the state board determined the $2,250 sum sent to attorneys was not used as payment for Ilhan Omar’s marital dissolution. Via Conservative Review.
“The $2,250 payment was a reimbursement for two payments made by the Kjellberg Law Office. One payment of $750 was made to De Leon & Nestor, LLC for obtaining immigration records and one payment of $1,500 was made to Frederick & Rosen, Ltd. for services related to Mr. Hirsi’s and Rep. Omar’s filed joint tax returns of 2014 and 2015.”
The Democratic Rep. from Minnesota spoke to reporters about the conclusion of her investigation, saying, “I’m glad this process is complete and that the Campaign Finance Board has come to a resolution on this matter. We have been collaborative in this process and are glad the report showed that none of the money was used for personal use, as was initially alleged.” Via the Daily Caller

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