Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Seeks Possible NFL Ownership

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It is well known that Amazon owner and CEO Jeff Bezos is a rich man, today Bezos has compiled a net worth well over $111 BILLION. The Amazon CEO is looking for new opportunities to invest in other entertainment sectors, ultimately growing his name, the Amazon brand and his massive nest egg.
According to multiple reports, Bezos is looking to open his check book and join one of the most unique clubs in America. Owner of an NFL franchise.

CBS Sports previously reported that Jeff Bezos has deep interests in purchasing an NFL organization, and has “strong support” from other owners in the NFL. The Amazon journeyman has developed close relationships with multiple franchise owners, spending a “considerable amount of time” with Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Via

“Powerful owners like Jerry Jones believe he would be a great addition to the NFL, to say nothing of the ability to pay top dollar, in cash, for a franchise to his liking as they become available,” CBS wrote.
The possibility of Jeff Bezos partnering or even purchasing the Washington D.C. franchise makes sense for the CEO because of his overwhelming business presence in the area. Back in 2013, Bezos purchased The Washington Post and Amazon is currently constructing their second headquarters factory in Arlington County, Virginia. He’s also renovating the former “Textile Museum” in Kalorama, adding the property to his long list of residences in the area. Via

Bezos and Amazon's growing presence in the DMV area has led most to believe that the billionaire could play a massive role in Dan Snyder’s attempt to build a new stadium in the D.C. area. Some believe the possible partnership with Amazon could even lead to an overall franchise sponsor.

Last month, Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser claimed she wanted to see a new NFL stadium for the Redskins at the current RFK Memorial Stadium site. Bowser’s current administration has fought to “gain control of the stadium site for the federal government,” and in November the District released plans to demolish RFK stadium by 2021. Via
“We’re not going to chase them down and we’d like them to be winners when they come,” Bowser said in October of courting Snyder’s team. "We don't feel like we’re in the position to beg for this type of development. We have a great site, we think the best site in the region. And when the time is right, we’re going to make sure the site is activated.”

As of now Bezos may have to wait to become an outright owner of an NFL team, currently there is not one NFL franchise on the market for purchase. Although rumors have surfaced that the Seattle Seahawks franchise may hit the market following the death of their previous owner Paul Allen last year. The NFL is also looking into if the Denver Broncos will be sold after heirs to the former owner Pat Bowlen filed multiple lawsuits against each other. Via
Without a doubt, Amazon owner and CEO Jeff Bezos could possibly own an NFL franchise in the near future. With what seems like an unlimited amount of money, Bezos could swoop up a team quickly and with cold hard cash, serving as a desirable commodity to a wavering NFL franchise owner.

While Bezos sets his eyes on actually owning an NFL team, there is other ways to lucratively link Amazon to the NFL. Amazon already plays a major role in live streaming, and already has a contract allowing the service to stream NFL’s Thursday night football games. With the NFL’s TV rights  contract coming to an end, Amazon could play a major role in further expanding broadcasting and streaming opportunities for the NFL in the future.

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