California MLB Teams couldn't Sign All-Star due to Outrageous State Taxes.

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The San Francisco Baseball Giants, reportedly, had extreme interest in the possible signing of MLB Phenom, Bryce Harper, to their historic franchise. Supposedly, the organization was very close to making a deal, but plans fell short because Bryce Harper, like many Americans, refuse to pay California’s ridiculous taxes.
The former Washington National, signed a historic MLB contract last week, specifically, inking a 13 year $330 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies.

"Harper stands to receive $10 million in salary and $20 million in a signing bonus. From 2020 to 2028, Harper will receive $26 million dollars annually. From 2029 to 2031, he will receive $22 million annually. Harper’s contract has no deferred compensation and does not contain a no trade clause." Via Fox Business.
Individual state tax rates was a definite factor on Bryce Harper’s list before a signing a long term contract with any team. Philadelphia currently produces a 3.07% income tax rate, giving Harper the chance to walk away with about $187 million of the original $330 million contract.
Reports from all over the sports world pointed in the direction that the young slugger would be signing with either the Giants, or the Dodgers. Both California teams recruited Harper throughout the offseason, offering a $310 million, 12 year contract, and $168 million, for a four year contract. Ultimately, Harper’s decision to not sign with a California team had nothing to do with baseball, coaching, or initial contract money. His decision came strictly from the perspective of a tax payer, living in an obviously unfair state.

"There was indeed a bidding war for Harper’s services and that California state taxes may have played a role in the outcome. Even if he preferred California as a destination, cost of living proved to be prohibitive to reach his goal of maximum value. Though on a much larger scale, it’s a compromise
that many of those who live in California or have considered moving there have had to consider." Reported Yahoo Sports.
This is truly something we rarely see in sports (at least publically), all reports pointed to Harper signing with a California MLB team, whether that was the Giants, or Dodgers. Of course that was until the contract numbers were crunched…nothing is set in stone until the money is right!

Harper and his team combed through the details of his contract offers, ultimately coming to the realization that California and their taxes are an absolute joke.
Because of California's atrocious 13.3% income tax rate, Bryce Harper would have been set to only make $161 million from the San Francisco deal, and only $89 million from the Dodgers deal.

I know most of us would say this is plenty enough money to play baseball…But in Harper’s case, he chances leaving an absurd amount of money on the table by signing with a MLB team located in California. Harper knew this, making the obvious decision that will better help himself, and his family.
This is just another great example of how ridiculous, and hyped up California has become over the years. It is such a beautiful state, but is being tainted by Leftist policy, and corrupt Democrats pushing at the forefront. I’m glad Bryce Harper made the decision to take the contract with more money, while staying the hell out of California. His decision tells me he is a smart man, with his financial priorities in order, something you can rarely say about athletes today. Way to go California!