Six States Could Be Abortion-Free In The Near Future

Six states could be abortion-free in the near future–but they’re going to need some help.

Catholic News Agency reports, “Amid efforts in many states to pass pro-life legislation and challenge the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, six states— Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, and West Virginia— have reached the point of having just one abortion clinic remaining active.”

Those states cannot close their abortion facilities on their own. While activist judges are intervening in places like Missouri to allow unlicensed abortion facilities to stay open, public pressure and financial considerations can lead an abortion facility to close as well.
Students for Life of America and Students for Life Action are working with pro-life groups across the country to put pressure on abortion facilities. Here are some ways you can help close an abortion facility near you.

-Participate in peaceful sidewalk counseling and prayer outside of abortion facilities; even seeing people outside an abortion facility has led to people rescheduling or missing appointments at abortion facilities, leading to lives saved.

-Research the businesses providing services like landscaping, waste removal, and renovation services to abortion facilities. Contact local churches and Christian businesses that might use those services and make sure they are removed from their vendor list unless those companies change their ways. Go to those companies and tell them how much business they are about to lose unless they stop working with abortion facilities.

-Volunteer at your local maternity home or pregnancy resource center and make sure to always have their information with you to hand out to people you see. You never know when that pamphlet or business card you hand out could end up turning someone away from having an abortion.

The Daily Beast, a pro-choice publication, goes into more detail here on how the St. Louis Planned Parenthood was almost shut down (currently it is being kept alive by an activist judge).

You can get armed with the facts about how Planned Parenthood harms women at

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