Sports and Politics: Do they Mix?

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In 2018, it is almost impossible for politics not to bleed into almost every single aspect in our lives. Sports used to be the ultimate escape from all of the everyday stresses of life, but because of the current state of today’s world, sports has found itself tied directly to politics.

In this video, published by PragerU, Will Witt is tasked with interviewing UCLA football fans while tailgating. The questions are simple and straight forward. For example, one question was "should politics and sports go hand in hand?" While other questions involved President Trump, and dominant sports figures like Lebron James.

During the interview PragerU receives thoughts from a wide range of fans, with some beliefs leaning hard left or hard right. Some other beliefs landed more toward the middle of the road. For the most part, we hear the same average answers though, “No they shouldn’t kneel for the flag,” or “I think the players have the right to peacefully protest.”

The important factor in this video is not the actual beliefs and answers coming from the UCLA game goers. The importance, however, lies with the fact that the people at the end of the day just want sports to be sports, and politics to be politics. In the video it didn’t matter what political affiliation they claimed, they just wanted to enjoy the game and all the fun that is attached to that.

The video paints the perfect picture of how we used to view sports, and how sports in today’s world has truly been tainted by politics. This video is very simple, but if you look between the lines, the answer is great for both sides…KEEP POLITICS OUT OF SPORTS!
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