The Liberal Snowflake of the Week goes to…

I thought I would share my typical, but nonetheless “eventful” walk home from work last night.

Your Liberal Snowflake of the week…Drum roll please….This Guy!

*( WARNING: NSFW language)*

When living in Washington, D.C. in 2018, it isn’t uncommon to hear or see some sort of anti-Trump rhetoric/propaganda almost anywhere you go. At times, conservatives may feel outnumbered and generally frustrated, but the important thing to remember is that these are the people representing the democrats/left and their mission. And that is a good thing.

These are the type of people we are up against, the typical hate spewing, feet stomping, body flailing, hypocritical, cry until I get my way snowflakes. These types of people continue to tarnish their party’s reputation, and expose them for the corrupt and evil group they really are. Liberals like this man will only aide our cause. Actions like this will help open others minds to the idea of taking the RED pill, and deter others from wanting to be associated with such filth. So pleaseeeeee continue to make a scene, cuss, cry, scream and stomp. I will be there, laughing in your face while recording for the world to see.  #LiberalismIsADisease

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