The Media is Doing the Bidding of Planned Parenthood

We know that the media leans left, but further proof is on display over the coverage of Planned Parenthood leaving the Title X program.

Consider these titles,

After withdrawing from  Title X, reproductive health clinics scramble for cash”

Planned Parenthood of MI will lose 20 percent of budget with Title X pullout”

“How Planned Parenthood’s Loss of Title X Funding Will Affect 1.5 Million Low-Income Women”

Do you notice something? The articles are all about how Planned Parenthood will be affected, as if the Title X program solely exists to keep Planned Parenthood in business.
  The NBC News article in indicative of the clear bias in “journalism” today. According to an analysis I conducted, 25% of the article is just quotes from Planned Parenthood officials. In total, the reporter includes 4 separate Planned Parenthood spokespeople quotes plus one from the national organization.

In no place in the article does the reporter talk about other providers of Title X and low-cost healthcare like a journalist should do.

For example, a reporter might have mentioned while writing about Maine that there are 127 free clinics in Maine that provide the same, if not higher levels of healthcare than Planned Parenthood’s non-abortion services. Or that under Maine law, private health insurance and the state Medicaid program have to provide birth control for ‘free.’

A reporter might have also noted, while writing about Minnesota, that there are other places that offer STD testing or birth control, and there are also 108 free health clinics in Minnesota.

When reading articles about the Protect Life Rule, it’s important to remember that the Title X program is not supposed to be a slush fund for Planned Parenthood (although historically it has been), but rather is supposed to cover family planning for low-income citizens. Good journalism should cover all sides of the story, instead of copying and pasting Planned Parenthood press releases and then calling it “journalism.”

**This article was republished from Written by: Matt Lamb.**

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