Transgender Athletes Unfairly Dominate UK Women’s Rugby

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Over the last couple of years, we have continued to see a spike of biological males identifying themselves as transgender women. While most can agree, an individual has the right to “identify” themselves with their true inner feelings, but when biological males compete against biological females in sport, you’ve lost me and most of the competent world…

The political correctness trend of acceptance has crept so far into our society that people are actually willing to push and support transgender women competing against biological women. Those in support for transgender competitors scream narratives such as inclusion and tolerance, while the rest of us is left using our brains and basing opinions off general fairness and overall biology. 
Biological males who identify as transgender women continue to dominate women’s competition, and its proven! Whether it is basketball, track, weightlifting, marathon running, swimming, soccer, golf etc. transwomen have an unfair advantage when competing against biological boils down to simple biological science.

The most current example of this extreme sport dominance, comes from women’s rugby in Great Britain. In the UK, women’s rugby referees are actually quitting their jobs over the acceptance of transgender women competing in England’s female rugby leagues. Via The Sunday Times.

“Being forced to prioritize hurt feelings over broken bones exposes me to personal litigation from female players who have been damaged by players who are biologically male. This is driving female players and referees out of the game,” one referee told the Sunday Times under the condition of anonymity.
“If you even ask the question, you are told you are a bigot,” another referee told the Times, claiming that they had witnessed five different women’s players with beards over the course of half a season. Via the Daily Caller.

A former Olympic athlete, Sharron Davies, spoke with reporters from the Sunday Times and claimed allowing biological males who identify as “transgender women” to compete against females in a physical game like rugby is completely ridiculous and utterly “non-sensical.”

“My daughter Grace was told at the age of 11 she could no longer play with the boys because it was no longer safe. How can they have that rule in place and … say it is perfectly OK for a transgender woman who is a biological man to play with the girls, but girls who are girls are not allowed to play with the boys because it is dangerous?” said Sharron Davies.
The domination of trans athletes in biological female rugby completion is impossible to ignore, for example, the best player in England’s women’s rugby competition is Kelly Morgan, a biological man identifying as a transgender female. Morgan towers over most players in competition, obviously displaying higher levels of strength and speed. Biological female rugby athletes have complained about fairness levels regarding transgender atletes in their competition, some players were seriously injured by physically dominating trans players. Via the Daily Caller.

Democrats and liberal alliances continue to rally around and push transgender acceptance in sports under the Equality Act. According to multiple reports, this act would specifically amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to make “gender identity” classified as a protected characteristic under federal anti-discrimination law.

The Equality Act bill was passed in the House with unanimous Democrat support back in May 2019. Currently, the bill has yet come up for a vote in the Republican controlled U.S. Senate. Former VP and Presidential candidate Joe Biden has made the signing of the Equality Act as one of his top legislative commitments if elected as president in 2020. Via the Daily Caller.

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