Trump Administration Cancels MLB Deal with Cuba

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President Donald Trump and his administration has canceled a deal implemented during the Obama-era, between Major League Baseball and the Cuban government. The deal specifically allowed Cuban baseball players to “play within the MLB without ever having to defect from their oppressive island nation.” Via Breitbart News.

The MLB and Cuba deal was "tendered" during the Obama administration, but was only set in stone last year. The Obama created deal was constructed in a failed attempt in trying to patch up relations between the United States and Cuban government.
Trump Administration officials have released information on Tuesday, saying the deal is being cancelled indefinitely. “That agreement will not be able to proceed in its current form.” Said the Trump official.
“Major League Baseball has been informed of the dangers of dealing with Cuba.” Said another official.
The deal was previously criticized by “opponents of Cuba’s brutal communist dictatorship,” like Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Specifically, the general point against the deal was the Obama administration quickly ruled the Cuban Baseball Federation was an independent organization, with no affiliation with the Cuban government. Via Breitbart News.
President Trump and his administration officials, already received criticism from Democrats for the decision to pull the deal. One former Obama administration official, Ben Rhodes, hurled some backlash calling Trumps decision, “cruel and serves no purpose” adding that it is a “humanitarian issue” allowing Cuban baseball players into the MLB.

Officials from the Trump Administration, replied by pointing out the fact the Obama-crafted deal laid the groundwork for human trafficking of Cuban baseball players, strictly for the benefit of the Cuban government.
“One way or another, it’s human trafficking,” the Trump official told NBC News.
As of recent, Sen. Marco Rubio and National Security Adviser John Bolton backed the fact the previous deal was simply cases of human trafficking. Calling the deal, “legalized trafficking of persons where Cuba lets baseball players come to America only if MLB pays them a ransom.” Via Breitbart News.
The Cuban Baseball Federation have already criticized the Trump administration decision to abruptly ending the deal. Calling the move an “Attack with political motivation against the agreement achieved harm the athletes, their families, and the fans.”
Letters leaking from the Treasury Department showed their extreme distaste for the MLB’s agreement to pay for Cuban players, saying “A payment to the Cuban Baseball Federation is a payment to the Cuban government.”

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