Trump Condemns Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as 'Terror Group'

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President Donald Trump and his administration released information on Monday that labels Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a “foreign terrorist organization.” The move is intended to put added pressures on Tehran, specifically, this marks the first time the United Stated applied such a serious label to an entire government entity.
Now that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard carries a terrorist label, it puts the military organization on the same alerted level as terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

“This action sends a clear message to Tehran that its support for terrorism has serious consequences. We will continue to increase financial pressure and raise the costs on the Iranian regime for its support of terrorist activity until it abandons its malign and outlaw behavior.” Said President Trump on Monday.
According to Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, The designation will officially take place one week from Monday, April 8th.
“This designation is a direct response to an outlaw regime and should surprise no one,” Pompeo said. “The IRGC masquerades as a legitimate military organization, but none of us should be fooled.”

The designation imposes particular sanctions that would freeze and seize assets from the IRGC in areas where the U.S. has jurisdictions. The sanctions would forbid and ban Americans from doing business with the military organization, and allows the U.S. to deny and prosecute those found providing IRGC with support and information.
President Trump has thought about this move against the IRGC since the early days of his presidential term, learning that past administration officials considered the same sanctions. On Monday, Trump said the move “underscores the fact that Iran’s actions are fundamentally different from those of other governments.”
“If you are doing business with the IRGC, you will be bankrolling terrorism. This action sends a clear message to Tehran that its support for terrorism has serious consequences.” Warned President Trump.
Administration officials say the move will help isolate the country of Iran, making it clearly known that the U.S. will no longer tolerate the country’s support for terrorist groups who continously wreak havoc across the Middle East.

According to Fox News, the designation could bring widespread implications for the U.S. regarding personnel and policy within the region, as Iran has threatened to retaliate. The move could also jeopardize diplomacy, specifically, without proper designation paperwork U.S. troops and allies could be banned from contact with Iraqi or Lebanese authorities.
Both the U.S. Intelligence agencies and the Pentagon have voiced concerns about certain areas within the designation. Worried the move could disallow contact with important foreign officials who may have communicated with IRGC personnel.
Over the last decade, these specific concerns detered previous presidential administrations with going through with the move against the IRGC.

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