Trump to Mario Lopez: ‘My Relationship with Hispanics Is Fantastic’

Originally published by Latino USA

Mario Lopez: “I’m Latino, happen to also be conservative, a child of Mexican immigrants, and when you initially announced, you did so where some people thought there was some harsh rhetoric, maybe disappointed some Hispanics. How do you gain their support and trust?”

Donald Trump: “I know all about your heritage and respect it greatly. My relationship with Hispanics is fantastic. I know so many; so many are friends… they buy apartments from me… they rent apartments from me. I have so many employees that are Hispanic, they are incredible people and the way that people are going to love me is that I’m gonna produce jobs like nobody’s ever produced jobs. We’re gonna take our jobs back from China and we’re gonna take them back from Mexico. We’re gonna have tremendous jobs for Hispanics, for everybody. You may have seen the recent polls; I’m starting to do really well with Hispanics, because they want — especially the ones that are here legally — they have their homes, they have their jobs, they don’t want it taken away…. It’s only gonna better, because I’m gonna produce jobs, and ultimately it’s about the economy, it’s about jobs, Mario.”

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