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Over the weekend, a childhood dream came true for Oklahoma Sooners Quarterback, Kyler Murray, after officially winning the 2018 Heisman Trophy. Instead of getting to enjoy this unbelievable accomplishment to fullest, Kyler dealt with the PC police pulling tweets from his Twitter dating back to when he was just 15 years old.

Four tweets were pulled from Kyler Murray’s page containing words or phrases that can be deemed anti-gay and homophobic. The tweets resurfaced only hours after Murray, who is now 21 years old, beat out Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa for the Heisman honor. After the six year old tweets resurfaced, Murray and his team deleted all the tweets deemed “offensive,” and was forced to apologize for his actions at 15 years old.

According to Breitbart news, in the re-discovered tweets, Murray made liberal use of the word “queer” to smear several others on Twitter. Early Sunday, Murray addressed the situation with a tweet saying;

"I used a poor choice of word that doesn't reflect who I am or what I believe. I did not intend to single out any individual or group,"

Kyler Murray also addressed the tweet during CBS’ ‘The NFL Today’ where he said;

"You know, I was young, I own every part of it. I used a poor choice of words. At the same time, me being at this stage, having this platform, I learned from it," he said. "It's critical for me, crucial to me that I move on from it, but at the same time, own up to what I said and move on and learn from it."

Although I do not condone the speech Kyler Murray used back when he was just 15 years old, I do believe this young man’s career and future should not be ruined or determined, due to some poor choices made when he was a kid.

Over this last year, we have seen a spike in old tweets resurfacing, especially from athletes with any type of success. We have seen people become obsessed with digging for dirt on social media, with clear intent to ruin careers, simply because they are offended or disagree.

For example, during this year’s MLB All-Star Game, Milwaukee Brewers pitcher, Josh Hader, was confronted with racist tweets he made when he was a teen. Earlier this year, on the night of the NCAA championship game, Villanova guard, Donte DiVincenzo, had tweets from when he was a teenager come back to haunt him because they contained rap lyrics that used the n-word. During the 2018 NFL draft, QB Josh Allen, was on the hotseat for ‘racist’ tweets from his teenage years.

It is sickening to see people (especially grown adults) judge someone else for actions, or speech made when they were just 14-15 years old. It is simply preposterous, and just troubling. Instead of chalking it up to a kid making a mistake, in today’s world, we would rather see these young people dragged through the mud and crucified for their past missteps.

It gets to be genuinely concerning, seeing the lengths some people will go to, to make these situations such a big deal, years after the tweets were written. The odds are high that everyone has regretted something they did or something they said when they were a teenager.

Kyler Murray’s Heisman season consisted of throwing for 4,053 pass yards, 40 TD passes, and rushing for 892 yards, with 11 TD’s. Kyler is a junior from the Dallas suburbs and just recently signed a $4.66 million contract with the Oakland Athletics after he was selected in the first round of the MLB draft in June. This season may be his last in college football. Congrats Kyler!
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