U.S. Pentagon Awards First Border Wall Contracts

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The Pentagon announced on Tuesday that the Department Of Defense will be awarding two military contracts worth nearly $1 billion for construction on the U.S. Southern border walls. This marks the first funds granted since President Donald Trump called for a national emergency at our Southern borders back in Februrary.

According to The Daily Caller, the Department of Defense announced it would be awarding a $789 million contract to SLSCO Ltd., a company is based in Texas. The team will officially be operating under the title “border replacement wall construction” working in Santa Tersa, New Mexico. Falling into the El Paso section of the Southern border.
A Montana based company, Barnard Construction Co. Inc, was granted the remaining $187 million contract for wall replacement, working in Yuma, Arizona.
The new wall in New Mexico will stand 30 feet high, which includes five feet of anti-climbing plates located at the top of the wall. Construction for the New Mexico wall is scheduled to start immediately, and slotted to wrap up in October of 2020.

The Arizona wall will include an “18-foot bollard fencing” with the standard 5-foot anti-climbing plate. The project is expected to be started immediately, with plans to finish by September 2020.
The two border construction contracts mark the first funds approved for the Southern border walls since President Trump declared a national emergency back in February. This gave him the power to reallocate billions in federal money for additional needed construction at our Southern border locations.

According to The Hill News, the Pentagon previously informed Congress in March that they diverted funds to the "Army Corps of Engineers for new border construction." The move upset lawmakers from both sides of the political spectrum, demanding the Pentagon seek permission before adjusting the budget in any capacity.

“You are not asking for our permission,” Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith said to acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan during a congressional hearing in March. “Now you understand the result of that likely is that the appropriations committee will no longer give the Pentagon reprogramming authority.”

​Lawmakers have already threatened to take away the Pentagons authority to transfer any sort of funds in the future...
The two initial wall construction contracts is only the planned beginning for President Donald Trump and his Administration. With promising to take a tighter grip with illegal immigration and policy, Trump continues to get it done. MAGA!

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