Violent Cartel Shooting Leaves at Least 20 People Dead

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Over the weekend Mexican security forces battled groups of cartel gunmen near the U.S.-Mexican border, resulting in at least 20 people dead. The deadly cartel scene marks another notch in the escalating issues with Mexican cartels and organized crime near our southern borders. 
According to reports, multiple caravans loaded with armed cartel members launched a deadly "military-style attack" on Saturday, in the Mexican border town Villa Union. The ambushed town was located less than 50 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border. 

The cartel caravan sped through the city, firing heavy ammunition at government municipal offices and other Mexican government related structures. Footage from the deadly scene showed rising smoke from the city after the hour-long gunfight concluded. In the aftermath of the deadly scene, Mexican security forces were aided by reconnaissance helicopters on Sunday, which eventually lead to catching cartel members held up in the city. The remaining cartel members were captured and killed on the spot.

The massive two-day firefight over the holiday weekend left at least 20 people dead in total. The governor of the state of Coahuila, Miguel Angel, reported that 14 cartel shooters, four police officers and two Mexican civilians were killed during the gunfight this weekend. Via The Daily Caller.
Mexican officials are still trying to figure out the exact intent of the cartel ambush in Villa Union. The cartel's usual acts of violence come in some sort of retaliation or planned-out attack against rival gangs. At the scene in Villa Union, there was no evidence of another rival cartel group held up in the city. Recovered cartel vans at the scene, which were rattled with gunfire, were distinctly marked with the letters “C.D.N.” the Spanish initials for the Northeast Cartel faction.

The latest "military style" cartel ambush nearly mirrors the scene a couple months ago, when Mexican security forces were overwhelmed by the Sinaloa cartel and forced to surrender Ovidio Guzman Lopez, the son of Mexican kingpin El Chapo. Members of the Sinaloa cartel carefully planned the ambush, quickly outnumbering government forces and engaging them with heavy loads of gunfire. The battle eventually led to the release of the drug lord’s son just hours after his original apprehension. Via The Daily Caller.
Currently, President Donald Trump continues to battle the rising violent cartel conflict near our Southern border. Specifically, Trump announced he is working to classify Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist groups. This classification ultimately gives the U.S. greater hands on authority in ways to combat these violent cartel factions.

Estimates produced by the Mexican Government show more than 250,000 people have been killed from cartel-related situations since 2006!!! While another 40,000 people remain missing. In 2018, current Mexican President López Obrador stepped into office, promising to change the ways of the Mexican government. His initial plans were emphasized less on battling cartel violence and more on reducing poverty in Mexico, which he believes is the fuel for cartel violence. Obrador’s policy is known as “abrazos, no balazos,” or hugs, not bullets. Via The Daily Caller.
Many citizens question Obrador’s policy as Mexico’s homicide rates climb to historically high levels. As of 2019, there has been 29,141 homicides within the country, which is a 2% increase to last year’s homicide sum of 28,869. 

Despite the Mexican governments complete inability to stop or even slowly halt the cartel violence, its leaders continue to refuse U.S. intervention, stating their issues remain as one of “national sovereignty."


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