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Former NFL star and USC Trojan legend, Reggie Bush, joined the Fox Sports ‘Speak For Yourself’ panel, where he delivered an extremely honest and truly powerful opinion on how to reduce violence in black communities. Believing it all starts at home, specifically with fathers.
One statistic from the Institute for Family Studies shows about 70% of black babies were born out of wedlock in 2018.
Bush opened up the panel discussion by letting the people know right off the bat that this a difficult and “deep” question. He then thanked Fox for the opportunity to talk about the issue on their platform.
"This is such a deep question," he replied, "and honestly, I'm so thankful that Fox would take this leap of faith to even allow us to talk about this because the only way I feel like things can change is if we have conversations like this with a platform like this."
"But I will speak to my personal upbringing," Bush explained. "My real dad was not in my life growing up."
"And so the foundation of why I wanted to be so great on the football field was I wanted to make my dad jealous," he added. "And I had this resentment and this aggression that I grew up with towards my real dad. And as I got older I realized my dad never had his dad in his life."
"My dad met his dad for the first time five years ago," he continued. "My dad is 53 years-old. And my biological grandfather, who I still haven't met to this day, lived in L.A. this whole time."

"So to me, we've got to get back to the foundation at home with the parenting," Bush said. "And a lot of my boys who I grew up with didn't have their dads. A lot of guys I knew in the NFL didn't have their dads growing up."
"I learned from a lot of the men through football," he continued. "Football ultimately became that father for me because that is where other men there. Now the issue with that is I'm learning from other men who are just as broken as me."
"I think a good start is getting back to the foundation of where kids are young and making them understand that listen, just because you have a tough upbringing doesn't mean you can't go on to be successful," Bush said.
"And I think if you start there with the parenting because not having a man in your life to show you how to be a man, that has significant effects," he concluded. A lot of those effects have stuck with me up until my relationship with my kids and my wife."
According to Breitbart News, the FS1 ‘Speak For Yourself’ panel consisted of Reggie Bush, former NFL receiver Greg Jennings, former NBA All-Star Stephen Jackson, and the show’s host Jason Whitlock. All the men on the panel are black Americans.

For more on the topic, check out the book: Black Fatherhood: Exploring The Importance of The Black Father (Strengthening The Black Community) (Volume 1)

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