WATCH: Highlights From State of the Union

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President Donald Trump delivered the State of the Union address Tuesday evening, before a joint session of congress. During Trump’s 82 minute address, he touched on a number of topics deemed important to the American public.

Topics President Trump spoke about during the State of the Union included, abortion laws, relationships with North Korea, Job growth, immigration, U.S. economy, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Trade, women’s equality, and the possibility of socialist ideologies in our country.

  • Immigration
-Stop illegals from gaining access to our country.
-Build immigration system that will keep our citizens safe.
-Solving immigration issues will help public resources, job markets, wages and safety/security.
-President Trump is urging Congress to pass legislation addressing the crisis at the southern border.
-Republicans and Democrats must work together to keep America safe.
  • Infrastructure
-We must invest in our roads, bridges, airports, public transportation etc.
-Invest in visionary projects in order to dominate industries, improving the quality of life for all Americans.
-Mastering technology.
-Efficient permitting for clean energy infrastructures.
  • Trade
-Keeping his word replacing outdated NAFTA by negotiating a new landmark agreement for the 21st century.
-Farmers and dairy producers will have access to fairer markets for their products.
-USMCA will provide a new element in the auto industry, incentivizing billions of dollars in vehicle part production within the U.S.
-Cutting edge rules regarding intellectual property and digital trading, helping Americans thrive in a modern economy.
-Will continue to fight all unfair trade.
-Imposing $250 billion in tariffs against the Chinese to counter their unfair trade agreement.
-Legislation to give president more authority to increase tariffs on other countries who are to restrictive.
  • Pro-Life
-Creation of family leave plan, giving every parent the chance to bond with their newborn.
-Committed to protecting our nation’s children, and the precious gift of life.
-Urging Congress to prohibit late term abortion in U.S.
-He will veto any legislation threatening the sanctity of life.
-Help families get ahead and build successful plans for their future.
  • Bi-Partisanship
-Fixing and transforming our criminal justice system.
-Working with both republicans and democrats in order to make life safer for all Americans.
-The Landmark First Step Act signed by Trump reformed decades of failed policies to ensure complete fairness.
  • Healthcare
-Constant reduce of drug prices for people in need.
-FDA moving more efficiently approving and banning drugs.
-Helping out with drug prices regarding seniors.
-Making healthcare prices transparent and affordable.
-Expanding healthcare options, opening up more competition.
-Drug companies must disclose real prices of products.
-Defeat HIV, Cancer and protect patients from pre-existing conditions.
  • Foreign Policy
-Putting America first!
-Rebuild military and strengthen our national defense, safety through strength!
-$100 billion secured increase in defense spending from NATO allies.
-Service members will receive the world’s best equipment, training and will be ensured complete preparation.
-Defend the country’s interests.
-Reward military, providing its largest pay raise in a decade.
-Worked with allies to destroy ISIS.
-Push for peace on the Korean Peninsula and will meet with Chairman Kim again this month in Vietnam.
-Stopping the cycle of endless war that has hurt our country.
President Trump, during the State of the Union really stressed the need for change in our country’s culture. Pushing for Americans to think state of ‘unity,’ instead of a state of ‘revenge.’ MAGA!

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