WATCH: Students Love Green New Deal, But Don't Know What It Does

  • Source: The Lead
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Following the launch of the Left's "Green New Deal," Democrats received blowback for their impractical policy. The FAQ released by the Left, that they are now claiming was an old draft, contained claims such as eliminating airplane travel, renovating all buildings in the U.S., and providing government jobs to everyone who wants one.

Although the policies are completely outlandish, the Left can usually count on the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the the universities to cover for them. To see if this would be true in this case, Campus Reform went to the University of Miami to discover what students thought about the "Green New Deal."

After telling students that the bill intends to combat climate change, and is supported by many Democratic presidential candidates, it's no surprise that the students liked it. On student said "I like that it's progressive. I like that it is going to push the world forward in the way we need to be." Another student says "I think if we didn't do that, then we're going to be killing ourselves, basically."

However, when host Cabot Phillips tells the students about some of the specifics in the bill, they begin to sing a different tune.

Regarding the plan to outlaw coal, oil, and natural gas, one of the supporters said "I don't think it's feasible in ten years," and another said "I think we need those things to live."

When told about the plan to provide economic stability to people who are unwilling to work, the students said "Absolutely not," and "If you're not willing to contribute to society, then I don't think that the people who are contributing should pay for you."

Phillips also tells them about the idea to replace air travel with high speed trains. He then asks if learning about these plans changes their opinions on the "Green New Deal." One student said "Sometimes you need to take extreme measures to save the environment... but I think it's a bit too extreme."

Even thought these students were originally willing to support this bill without know what was in it, once learning about the unrealistic plans, they all seemed to have a change of heart. Maybe there is still some hope that logic and facts will prevail.