WATCH: U.S. Border Patrol Chief on Current Southern Border Crisis

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 United States Border Patrol Chief Brian Hastings recently joined the Fox & Friends cast to talk about the ongoing crisis taking place at our Southern borders. Chief Hastings called the current immigration laws “outdated,” and believes those who illegally cross the border are facing little to no consequences. Via the Daily Caller.
“You’re talking historically 70 to 90 percent of those that we were arresting we could quickly return to the contiguous Mexico, whereas today we’re seeing up to 83 percent of those coming across the border from the northern triangle and about 63 percent of those are family units and children. Which we basically have no consequence that we can apply [to] that group. So, we see these numbers continue to rise with the outdated laws that we currently have in place. We need changes there, so we can apply a consequence to be able to affect that demographic.” Said Hastings.

During the video, Chief Hastings released a couple alarming facts about the crisis ensuing at our Southern border. One fact that should bother every American citizen is “As of yesterday, 440,000 apprehensions along the southwest border, [it’s] very concerning for us,” Hastings stated on Fox & Friends.
The U.S. Border Patrol has put an emphasis on the lack of "legal consequences," illegal immigrants face when deciding to cross the United States Southern border. Via the Daily Caller.

The number of migrants flooding the border has become exceedingly overwhelming for the government agency to deal with. Illegal Immigrants crossing into the United States continue to bring heaps of violence, drugs, human trafficking and overall problems for our country.

“Like I said before, there is no consequence that we can apply to this group currently. We’re overwhelmed. If you look at the agents on the \border, they’re doing a tremendous job trying to deal with this flow and this amount of family units. Our facilities weren’t built for this type of demographic. We have added a lot of medical assistants down to the southwest border. We’ve surged agents. We’ve got the office of field operations assisting as well,” Chief Hastings said.

Border Patrol Chief Brian Hastings concluded by making it known; there is an absolute emergency crisis playing out at the Southern U.S. border. Which Border Patrol agents are getting little to no support in dire circumstances. Via the Daily Caller.
“The Department of Defense is assisting but … they’re short-term solutions where we need a change in the current outdated laws that we’re dealing with for this current demographic and this crisis that we have.” The U.S. Border Chief said.

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