What Will People Believe About Brett Kavanaugh?

  • Source: The Lead
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It is clear that Americans feel very strongly about President Trump's nominee to the Supremee Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Even before yesterday, people were concerned about his views on the Constitution and women's rights. That all came to a head yesterday when the Senate Judiciary Committe questioned Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Blasey Ford, a woman who has accused him of sexual assault.

With emotions running high, Ami Horowitz hit the streets of New York to find out what people thought about Brett Kavanaugh.

Since, as you'll see in the video, most people he opposed Judge Kavanaugh, Horowitz wanted to know what they respondents were willing to believe. Since he's been so vilified, Ami told the people he interviewed made up claims about Kavanaugh to see if they would believe him, or if they would question the claims. Unfortunately, nearly all of the respondents assumed the absurd claims were true.

One of the most worrisome moments came when Horowitz asked about the job of the Supreme Court. He asked, "Do you think that the role of the Supreme Court today should be more a promotion of social justice, as opposed to the interpretation of the Constitution?" Unfortunately, the people he asked all want the Supreme Court to promote Social Justice, rather than interpret and uphold the United States Constitution.

One respondent said "Honestly, I don't place value the Constitution." It is clear from this video, and others like it, that having Constitutional textualists on the Supreme Court is more important now than ever before.