Austin TX: Fourth Explosion in a Month, Serial Bomber is on the Loose

Austin’s serial bomber strikes for the fourth time, showing extreme levels of sophistication in doing so.

Austin Texas has registered yet another explosion last night, this time injuring two young men, 22 and 23 years of age. The two men survived the blast but sustained serious injuries and will remain in stable condition at this time. The explosion only coming hours after Police Chief Brian Manley, called for the serial bomber to come forward to turn themselves in, or, reach out to police to understand why he/she are doing this. Investigators fear the latest explosion device displayed by the bomber, could be the potential response.

“We are clearly dealing with what we what we expect to be a serial bomber at this point, based on the similarities between now what is the fourth device,” said Brian Manley.

Upon examination of the blast area, investigators were able to confirm that the two victims either stepped on or walked through a tripwire, while passing down a sidewalk in a residential neighborhood, causing the device to trigger and detonate. The construction of an explosive device of this magnitude requires a great deal of skill and sophistication, making law enforcement realize the severity of the serial bomber’s capabilities.

“Whom responsible has a higher level of sophistication, a higher level of skills” than previously suspected, we are more concerned now. That is, people see something suspicious they stay away and contact law enforcement.” Said Chief Brian Manley.

This latest bombing has shown that the suspect has possibly shifted directions or methods than previously recorded, specifically dealing with his possible motives behind the bombings.

“So this does change the concerns that we had initially although we have still not ruled it out until we understand what the ideology and motive are behind the suspect or suspects,” said Austin’s Police Chief.

The past bombings were intended to target individuals, this bombing showed elevated levels of prior planning and precise execution. Previous devices were suspected to only target minorities in poverty-stricken areas, this device claimed victim of two white males in a wealthy area west of the interstate dividing line.

“We were surprised because it all had been concentrated on that side of town, in lower-income neighborhoods but this is a real, nice neighborhood, nice homes, everything from retired people to professional people,” he said. “It’s a pretty crime-free neighborhood.” Said Thad Holt, a nearby neighbor.

With this being Austin’s fourth explosion due to the serial bomber, authorities said they will provide a reward for information leading to an arrest. The original amount was $50,000, now growing to an amount of $115,000. Over 500 officers have now been assigned to the case, including FBI special agents that will be tasked with conducting interviews and following up on leads.

Pray for Austin.